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IELA Winter Seminar 2017, Zurich, Switzerland

We are very pleased to inform you about the WINTER SEMINAR in Zurich taking place from January 11th to 15th 2017!

This year for the first time: Free of charge for IELA members!

Once again the IELA WINTER SEMINAR is offering a exciting opportunity for its members to learn about the industry, share expirences and to ignite synergy with fellow students. Last year 31 students from 16 countries participated and took advandage of the Seminar: 

  • An excellent networking opportunity
  • The possibility to carry out “benchmarking” with competitors and the industry as a whole
  • To receive a unique training on the subject of exhibition logistics
  • Focus on the actual work of freight forwarders and the competencies of the IELA e.g. marketing, on-site operations etc.
  • Take advantage of the professional environment to enhance your team-building qualities


The IELA Winter Seminar is suitable for new employees (forwarders, on-site personnel, sales & marketing), experienced employees from new IELA member companies and all employees who seek more knowledge for the daily basis.

While the classroom environment is friendly and fun, the program content is intense: More than 20 hours of instruction and interaction planned for the students over a 3-day period. 

When leaving the WINTER SEMINAR students will be more aware of the processes that are current and active in our industry. This includes not only the nuts and bolts of our own trade but also a growing awareness of the demands of exhibitors and organizers. Clearly, the winners are the students with an increased level of professionalism and competence as well as their employers who benefit from these skills and newly-established networking connections.

Training is becoming increasingly important for member companies in their efforts to increase business and create efficient service processes. 

Don’t miss the opportunity!

Registration will open on September 1st at 12:00 CEST.

SAVE THE DATE: January 11th-15th 2017!


For more information please contact Elizabeth at the IELA Secretariat:

Winter Seminar 2015 - Testimonials

  • “Being part of this event was such a rewarding experience. The classroom environment was very friendly and all lectures were interesting and well presented. For me, it was the perfect chance to understand the industry we are working in from different points of view. I have to say that I highly enjoyed meeting so many agents from different countries. Everybody felt really connected and managed to build a strong team spirit. This was great for networking and making new friends. I can now say for sure that I learned a lot at the Winter Seminar and this was vital to increase my level of professionalism.”
    (Manuela Vasconcelos – Fulstandig Shows E Eventos Ltda., Brazil)

  • “IELA Winter Seminar: A great experience! It was a lot of work but we had a lot of fun as well and I’m sure everyone will benefit from our work experience we all shared during these days. Besides I could learn a lot about the work of the guys on the “other side” (I’m an on-site agent). It will help me to understand what they expect from me and what I can expect from their side. The day in the snow was a very “cool” conclusion – everyone enjoined being together in this beautiful landscape.”
    (Heidi Scherbauer – Schenker Deutschland AG – Nuremberg, Germany)

  • “Participating in IELA 2015 was the most meaningful time to develop myself & make new friends all over the world. I really was satisfied with the environment and quality of this seminar. The knowledge and different points of view I was able to gain have definitely helped me to further my confidence within the industry and beyond.  I would strongly recommend this course to people who work in our industry. Before joining the Winter Seminar, nobody can really know how valuable Winter Seminar is.”
    (Andy Kang – KEMI-LEE CO., LTD., Korea)

  • “I really loved this experience for many different reasons; the chance that IELA offers is the best ever. During this seminar I improved my knowledge of the wide world of exhibitions and at the end of it I felt enriched also from a human point of view. The people guiding me during this route have been able to let me feel with my own hands what it means to be an IELA member and I made my concept of the “IELA spirit”. Last but not at least I think that gathering people coming from 16 different countries all over the world is something very unique and rare!”
    (Sara Cassani – OTIM S.p.A, Italy)

  • “This was an excellent opportunity to meet with young professionals from different countries and to share your experience, knowledge and thoughts. Hearing the different point of views from various partners makes you feel like “we are all in the same boat”. We received valuable advice and information from the IELA lecturers during their presentations. IELA really sets the benchmark when it comes to standards & performance.”
    (Ruan King – La Rouxnelle Logistics and Consulting, South Africa)

  • “In my opinion the Winter Seminar 2015 in Zurich has been a great success for all participants. We had the possibility to meet new agents and colleagues with whom we are working together for a long time. The lectures and case studies have been quite interesting and offered us a complete new view into specific fields of our daily business. I just can recommend all IELA members to send their staff out for IELA training seminars as it is a great chance to improve the business-knowledge and the network.”
    (Felix Sadenwasser – SWISS EXPO LOGISTICS AG, Switzerland)

  • “The IELA Winter Seminar was a great experience and opportunity for me to build up new friendships and business relations. Another good thing is that I had the chance to see the different sides of my daily duties which are being practiced by different people with different procedures followed in other parts of the world.
    I also found the presentations that were made by different operational team members from various regions very beneficial and practical, and also fully enjoyed the time we spent outside the classroom.  I fully recommend everyone to join this environment and taste this experience.
    Thanks to IELA again!”
    (Koray Burkay – Mars Hava ve Deniz Kargo Tasimaciligi AS, Turkey)