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Focus on SALES POWER with the first IELA Webinars

30 participants will benefit from a 3 block seminar of 90 minutes

Within our role as being an informative association, we launch a new online asset exclusive for our members: the IELA Webinars! A new project to complete our training tools.

The first course is starting soon. It will be devoted to Sales and split into 3 sessions: “Delivering the message / sales presentation” on February 15th, “Sales tools for proper dialogue” on March 1st and “Gaining customer retention” on March 16th.

It includes post-Webinar activities and individual feedbacks from our trainer Marc Buchholz. 

The IELA Webinar is open to 30 participants and it is a free of charge service for members, but so far limited to one participant per company only.

Registration: Starts on January the 16th, 2017. Send your contact details to . Only the first 30 will get a sit!