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Working Groups

IELA has been successful in reaching its objectives and making strides in the industry through the committed efforts of its professional member companies.

Membership Working Group

The Membership Working Group directs IELA's efforts through recommending qualified prospects for membership. The steady increase in the association's membership is due directly to the diligent activities of this Working Group.

Organisers Working Group

The Organisers Working Group acts as a direct link between IELA and the key players in the international exhibition industry.
The Working Group's mission is to develop contacts with organizers, associations and all exhibition-related parties, in order to strengthen IELA's image and to get its members recognised as the leading power in exhibition logistics. One of the key elements in achieving these targets, is the Working Group's active involvement in the working groups of friendly associations for the benefit of the international exhibition industry.

Standards & Customs Working Group

The Standards Working Group monitors the IELA Standards of Performance for site agents and export agents to ensure they continue to fully reflect technological and commercial changes within the industry. The Working Group is responsible for the implementation and updating of all standard forms and documents produced by IELA as well as the continuous development of the IELA Articles and By-laws. Health & Safety, ISO 9000 and its derivatives and member compliance with national or regional rules & regulations all come within the remit of the Standards Working Group.

PR & Marketing Working Group

The main purpose of the PR- and Marketing committee is to efficiently and effectively publicize  IELA all over the world! This means that we are looking for sound and interesting information, news and facts  for the IELA report, its newsletter and other related  publications.

Training Working Group

The Training Working Group strives to bring to the association the science of systematic knowledge of the industrial arts, especially in communications and computers, make sure the members are aware of new trends so as to become a force that leads the exhibition logistics market/industry - and does not follow it.

The future of the World Wide Web has already begun... faster and more flexible communication possibilities, as well as e-commerce have opened up a new and fascinating business potential
for us all.

IELA - and its members - should not only be aware of future developments in communication technologies, but should also be a forerunner in implementing these innovative advancements for the benefit of the exhibition world in general.


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