History 1979–1989


October 1989

IELA has been accepted as an observer by the Customs Cooperation Council, Brussels. 10'000 of the newly created 'IELA Flyer' (pocket size of the brochure) have been printed.


July 1989

Publication of the second 'IELA REPORT' (numbered No. 10 including the former IELA DIARIES)


March 1989

Publication of first 'IELA REPORT'. In addition to our membership, this Report has been sent to all Organizers (approx. 800) registered in our Databank.


11-14 February 1989

4th General Assembly in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Attendance : 30 members with 57 participants. No elections this year. Creation of an Associate Membership. Werner Frick presents the version of the future IELA REPORT. The response of the membership is extremely encouraging. The country profiles have been distributed since Carmel. The floor accepts to have the IELA brochure printed. There is much interest too for IELA posters.


November 1988

Publication of No. 8 of the IELA DIARY which is the last one of the present version.


October 1988

Ralf Przybilla presents the draft of an IELA brochure.


12–14 April 1988

  • 3rd General Assembly in Carmel, California, USA
  • Steve Barry is elected as the 2nd Chairman of IELA.
  • The number of Board of Management members is increased from 4 to 5.
  • Ole H. Dyrhauge is elected into the Board.
  • Organizers: TWI will keep on their computer the complete and up-dated list of organizers.
  • Standards and Ethics: A new target of this committee is to make sure members adhere to our articles and by-laws.
  • Membership Recruiting: Quality before Quantity.


February 1988

IELA becomes member of the TRADE SHOW BUREAU (USA)

The former 'Standards' Committee is renamed 'Standards and Ethics' Committee. A new IELA colour flyer is available to the membership.


March 1987

27–29 March 1987:

  • 2nd General Assembly in Singapore
  • Attendance : 24 members with 54 participants.
  • The Board of Directors resp. the Board of Management elected in 1985 are confirmed for another term. (2 years)
  • Ole H. Dyrhauge is the new chairman of the Organizers Committee.
  • The standards for on-site agents resp. for export agents are accepted and enter into force. Future members will have before being accepted
  • Into IELA confirm they will adhere to them.
  • Two new Committees are formed: the Nominating Committee and the Membership Recruiting Committee.

5 March 1987:

  • With the acceptance of 4 new members, the total of members is now 29.


October 1986

Publication of No. 3 of the 'IELA DIARY'.


4–6 June 1986

1st General Assembly in Montreux Switzerland

Were present : 14 members and 4 prospective members with a total of 40 participants The Board of Directors resp. the Board of Management elected at the Founding Assembly in March 1985 were confirmed for another term. Registration fee : CHF 550.--. Room rates were CHF 110.-for singles and CHF 140.-for doubles. Financial result of this 1st General Assembly : loss of CHF 9042.95.


March/May 1986

Are accepted as new members :

  • Odaware Unyu, Tokyo
  • K.C. Dat, Selangor
  • Kenehan Int., Las Vegas
  • Natural, Basel
  • Furness, Rotterdam
  • Exhibition Freighting, Gillingham

May 1986: Publication of the second 'IELA DIARY'. Per 15 May, 1986, the total number of members has passed to 20. Subjects treated in this issue : Data Credit Bank, Standards of performance, Country profiles, IEA Annual Conference, Profile of IELA members (this time Foirexpo, Paris)


October 1985

Publication of the first 'IELA DIARY' (later on called 'IELA REPORT'.


June 1985

Are accepted as new members :

  • K.C. Dat, Singapore
  • Brambles, Sydney
  • Trans-Link, Singapore
  • Fink, Rio de Janeiro
  • Schenkers, London
  • Allied-Link, Selangor
  • Walker Smith, London
  • Ziegler, Brussels


7. March 1985

At its first official Board of Management meeting, the following subjects, amongst others, were discussed.

  • Secretariat : will be located in the offices of Inter-Transport and the work performed by its personnel, viz. Ruth Meister and Hans R. Brauchli.
  • Finance : no budget for the first year
  • Standards of communication : try the possibilities to use the Telefax system


6 March 1985

Birth of IELA in the offices of Inter-Transport Ltd., Geneva, Switzerland. The final name being : IELA International Exhibition Logistics Associates.

Founding members were : (in alphabetical order)

  • BTG, Augsburg
  • Foirexpo, Paris
  • Gondrand Bros., Zurich
  • Inter-Transport, Geneva
  • Lep Fairs, Birmingham
  • Entrepôts de Vevey, Vevey
  • TWI, San Mateo

Hans R. Brauchli is elected as the first president of the Board of Directors. Members are Peter Kuoni and Klaus Rauch.

At the same time,
Hans R. Brauchli is elected as the first Chairman of the Board of Management. Members are Steve Barry, Ernest Droessaert, Philip Powell, Klaus Rauch.

The legal address is at Inter-Transport Ltd.'s office at Route des Jeunes 6, Geneva, Switzerland.


12 June 1984

A further meeting attended by

  • Steve Barry
  • Ernest Droessaert
  • Klaus Rauch
  • Hans R. Brauchli
  • Peter Kuoni

took place in Geneva. Amongst others, the following subjects were discussed resp. decided.

  • It was unanimously decided that the name of the organization will be:
    'IELA International Exhibition Logistics Association' with registered offices in Geneva.
  • the secretariat will for the time being be run by Inter- Transport, Geneva
  • The founding General Meeting will be held in Geneva towards the end of 1984


31 May 1983

An official meeting attended by

  • Steve Barry, TWI, San Mateo
  • Ernest Droessaert, Foirexpo, Paris
  • David J. Gardner, D.J.G., England
  • Klaus Rauch, BTG, Augsburg
  • Hans R. Brauchli, Inter-Transport, Geneva
  • Peter Kuoni, Inter-Transport, Geneva

took place in Geneva. It had been called forward to study the possibility to set up a legal organization for those companies involved in the Internat. Exhibition Transport and Service Industry.

During this meeting, the following decisions were taken:

  • to set up an organization based in Geneva under the legal form of a Cooperative Society according to Chapter 29 of the Swiss Code of Obligations.
  • it was the general feeling that the organization should have a permanent secretariat at its disposal.
  • no agreement could be reached so far as to the name of this new organization.


Various informal meetings are taking place mainly between Steve Barry and Hans R. Brauchli to discuss the possibility to create a platform where companies active in the field of exhibition freight forwarding can meet.


IELA International Exhibition Logistics Association
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