History 1990–1999


27 June-1 July 1999

14th General Assembly in Budapest, Hungary

Attendance : 65 members with record attendance of 139 participants. As from this GA, a Nominating Panel, as a neutral body, consisting of Edgar von der Heydt, Steve Barry and Derek Jeffries will be in charge of the Board elections. Roger Walker having resigned, Thierry Demeure will be the acting Chairman until our 2000 GA elections. Hans R. Brauchli resigns as a Board member. His function will be in future strictly the Executive Director of IELA, without voting right. To replace Roger Walker and Hans R. Brauchli, the following persons are newly elected into the Board : Ron Berry and Thomas Lüchinger. All other Board members are confirmed for a new term.

For the first time, a survey will be sent to all attendees to find out their comments to this GA.

Ron Berry presents the SMART Triangle.

The Customs Manual has been downloaded into the IELA Web Site.

Ron Berry suggests a contest for an IELA anthem.


May 1999

It is with deepest regret that we learned of the passing away of Richard Geddes who had been active in various working committees.

Due to internal Company problems, Roger Walker has decided to resign from his function as the Chairman of IELA.

Our Vice Chairman Thierry Demeure becomes acting Chairman until the next GA.


February 1999

Ron Berry suggests to replace the Speaker's Kit by a CD-Rom which would also replace the IELA video.

79 % of our members have now e-mail.

Members must be pushed to use the IELA Web site. The Standards will be downloaded in the Web site.

Ron Berry will circulate a survey to find out if the members would be interested in a joint IELA/SACEOS training seminar in Singapore

The standardised documents (shipping instructions, forwarding order, etc.) were discussed and accepted as the final version.

The total number of members is 82 represented in 40 countries.

Klaus Rauch and Ron Berry attend the UFI working group in Madrid where Ron Berry gives a presentation about IELA Technology.


September 1998

IELA Web site. New address 'WWW.IELA.ORG. It should be operational by the end of this year.

The Code of Ethics has been revised and completed by the Payment Terms as agreed in Sun City.

Following proposals of our Sun City GA, a Nominating Committee under the Chairmanship of Steve Barry will take care of future GA Board elections, starting in 1999.

Sim Kian Kiat suggests that IELA should create three training centres. SASEO would be prepared that IELA has access to their own training centre for a course.


3-7 May 1998

13th General Assembly in Sun City, South Africa

Attendance: 52 members with 92 participants representing 30 countries. Karl Buehler who has resigned from the Board becomes a Honorary Member of IELA. Roger Walker is elected as the 7th Chairman of IELA. To replace Karl Buehler in the Board, Ron Koehler is elected as a new member.

Ron Koehler replaces Karl Buehler at the head of the Recruiting Committee.

PR: The newly created CD-Rom is presented to the floor. Sales aid: a first draft is presented, the final version being available very shortly. Pictograms requested by UFI are found very useful.

Standards: The standard structure of the Universal Tariff (IELA Smart Tariff 1998) is presented by Ron Berry. Members' comments are requested. Upon its completion, it will be presented at UFI's summer seminar.

Natural Zurich is the first company accepted into IELA under the newly created 'affiliated membership' designated for branch offices of existing member companies.


February 1998

UFI (Gerda Marquardt) has been asking IELA to prepare pictograms in relation with our trade (Customs, etc.). Maria Lorenz will take care.

Universal Tariff : A first proposal from Ron Berry was found too complicated. He is invited to present at the forthcoming GA a shorter version.

The IELA membership plaques will in future be produced in Singapore.


January 1998

The total number of members is now 78 representing 38 countries.


December 1997

IELA is invited by the organizers of the International Exhibition Seminary held in Basle, Switzerland to chair a workshop.


November 1997

Universal Tariff : Ron Berry offered his contribution and will come up with a proposal


September 1997

For the first time, the IELA REPORT is published in colour.


22-26 June 1997

12th General Assembly in Helsinki, Finland Attendance : 53 members with 103 participants. Elections : Board of Directors. To replace Peter Kuoni who has been active since 1985, the floor elects Sandro Rugel. Board of Management : all members are reelected.

It is suggested that a condensed IELA profile - 'Why should a Customer use an IELA member' - be produced.

Helder Lopez mentioned that he would be pleased to promote IELA on the occasion of the forthcoming WORLD EXPO in Lisbon.

Piero Piccardi of WTCA presented their Trade Card. He suggested further that their internet should be linked with IELA's.

The revised Customs Manual is distributed to the members.

It was agreed to pursue the creation of an Universal Tariff which will not contain any figures but merely the layout of the various items.


February 1997

IELA takes advantage of its presence in Kuala Lumpur to meet with MACEOS. (Video presentation of IELA, Address by IELA CHAIRMAN and lunch with MACEOS guests)

To keep our membership informed about the work performed resp. the decision taken by the Board, a condensed internal Newsletter will be distributed latest 3 weeks after a meeting. Roger Walker will take care of this.


October 1996

Klaus Rauch represents IELA at the UFI Congress in Tokyo.


August 1996

Internet: Sim made an introduction and suggested that IELA could start with a Web page simply containing the details of the Geneva secretariat plus the list of members. Investigate the costs.

Universal tariff: Len Troost is trying to prepare a standard layout for such a tariff.

Training Manual: Roger Walker mentioned that a draft should be ready for February 1997.


April 1996

IELA video. A 'loop' version is being offered to our members.

IELA Report : For the first time, we have an ad from an outside supplier (Lufthansa).


21-25 January 1996

11th General Assembly in Bangkok, Thailand Attendance : 50 members with 90 participants. Karl Buehler is elected as the 6th Chairman of IELA. To replace Ole H. Dyrhauge in the Board, Sim Kian Kiat is elected as a new member.

Karl Buehler reminds the floor that all Board members incl. the Executive Director act on a voluntary basis.

The new Customs Manual is handed over to all attendees. It will be updated with additional countries.


December 1995

It is with deep regret that we learn the passing away of our former Chairman Ole H. Dyrhauge.


November 1995

Electronic Handbook. The idea of having it transcribed on the Internet system does not appear to be suitable for the time being.

Promotional material (ties, etc.). This matter is dropped since there is hardly any reaction from the membership.

Customs manual. Under preparation. Thierry Demeure would like to present it at the next GA to the membership.

Piero Piccardi of the WTCA is very much interested in developing the relationship with IELA.


October 1995

Klaus Rauch represents IELA at the WTCA Congress in Beijing.

Klaus Rauch attended the UFI Congress in London where IELA sponsored one of the events.

Number 25 of the IELA REPORT is coming out of press.


September 1995

Due to his continued health problems, Ole H. Dyrhauge has decided to tender his resignation as IELA Chairman.

Our Vice Chairman Karl Buehler becomes acting Chairman untilthe next GA.


August 1995

Len Troost presents a proposal for a 'Code of Ethics' which will be presented at the next GA.


25-29 June 1995

10th General Assembly in Montreux, Switzerland (Jubilee !) Banner theme: 10 YEARS QUALITY WORLDWIDE Attendance: 56 members with 102 participants representing 32 countries !

The number of board members incl. the chairman is increased from 6 to 7. Ernest Droessaert retires and becomes a Honorary Member of IELA. Thierry Demeure and Pentti Flink are newly elected into the Board, the other members being confirmed the same as the Chairman.

For the first time, the Site Agents Forum was included in the official programme.

Anthony James mentioned that an alternative to the electronic handbook would be the 'Internet System'.

Richard Geddes would like IELA to create a portable display stand.

The revised standards for both Site and Export agents are presented to and accepted by the floor.


March 1995

Exchange of staff within IELA member companies. Some members have started such exchanges and this to their full satisfaction.

Have been in touch with the World Trade Center's office in Geneva. Will study possibilities of collaboration.


February 1995

The total number of members is now 71 representing 35 countries.


November 1994

PR: Klaus Rauch suggests that advertisements from suppliers to our industry (i.e. Lufthansa) be placed in the IELA REPORT. Roger Walker suggests that IELA should have T-shirts, ties, etc. showing the IELA logo.

Customs: VAT will be introduced in Switzerland as from 1.1.95

Training: The Training Manual has never gone further than the first Chapter. Helmut Jöhri started a new job and cannot promise when he will be able to continue resp. to finish it. The Mike Drummond Award will not be maintained due to lack of interest resp. of participation.


October 1994

IELA sponsors a lunch at the UFI Congress in Singapore. IELA's presence in Singapore proved to be extremely useful to make us better known worldwide.


29 Jun–3 July 1994

9th General Assembly in Calgary, Canada Attendance: 43 members with 72 participants. Ole H. Dyrhauge is elected as the 5th Chairman of IELA. To replace Phil Powell in the Board, Roger Walker is elected by secret ballot.

PR: Maria Lorenz is the new Chairperson of this Committee.

Organizers: Klaus Rauch is the new Chairperson of this Committee.

Training: It is hoped that the Training Manual will be completed within a reasonable lapse of time. Frank Holzhauser is the winner of this year's Mike Drummond Award and therefore has been invited to Calgary.

The Site Handling agents' Forum attracts an important crowd.


January 1994

Phil Powell informs the Board that he had decided to resign from our member company Lep Fairs. He therefore has to resign at the same time from the IELA Chairmanship. Our Vice-Chairman Ole H. Dyrhauge becomes acting Chairman until the next General Assembly.

The speaker's kit prepared by Ole H. Dyrhauge is borne ! It contains a video, overheads and slide and a guideline how to use it. It is destined to IELA members who have to present IELA at Congresses, etc.


June 1993

Helmut Joehri's illness has delayed the production of the Training Manual.

It is suggested to create an IELA Youth Committee, similar to FIDI's 35 Club.

Ole H. Dyrhauge presented the outline of a speakers kit and received the Board's approval to go ahead.

5 IELA officers will participate at the UFI Seminar in Lyon. A UK designed stand all incl. was approved.

The electronic handbook is in the final stages of production and should come out this summer.

Bad payers/Debts. The situation under Swiss Law is such that circulating information on companies' payments records may be actionable, particularly if it is done by writing.


31 Jan./4 Feb. 1993

8th General Assembly in Dubai, UAE Attendance 41 members. Phil Powell is elected as the 4th Chairman of IELA. The 5 actual Board members are reelected for a new term. (2 years)

The paper handbook will be replaced by a CD.

The IELA promotion video will be available for our 1994 GA.

IELA ads will be prepared which can be used by the membership for their own use in local publications.

Training manual should be available by the end of 1993.

Uwe Seidel is the first winner of the Mike Drummond Award.


January 1993

IELA has now 65 members located in 32 countries.


July 1992

Publication of No. 17 of the IELA REPORT. It presents 'IELA's major objectives for 1992/1993.


March 1992

It is with great sadness that we learn the passing away of Mike Drummond. To commemorate his commitment to IELA's training policies, it is decided to entitle the annual training incentive as the 'Mike Drummond Award'.


9-13 February 1992

7th General Assembly in Sydney, Australia

Attendance : 32 members with 65 participants. Steve Barry has resigned from the Board of Management. He becomes a Honorary Member of IELA. To replace him, Karl Buehler is elected. The Chairman and all other Board members are reelected.


January 1992

Phil Powell presents a new incentive scheme designed for non-executive staff. The paper adjudged by the Board of Management to be the best submitted would win its author a fully expensed trip to the next GA.


July 1991

IELA has now 59 members located in 30 countries


3 June 1991

Following the cancellation of our Sydney GA and in order to fulfill the Swiss legal requirements, a legal General Assembly takes place in Geneva. Attendance: 14 members with 26 proxies. No elections this year.


3-7 February 1991

Our 6th General Assembly planned in Sydney, Australia, had to be cancelled due to the Gulf war and its effects.


17-21 June 1990

5th General Assembly in Munich, Germany Attendance : 41 members with 75 participants. Klaus Rauch is elected as the 3rd Chairman of IELA.

IELA REPORT : Hans R. Brauchli complains about the lack of support from our membership.

The new IELA Brochure is now available. As per the Rio GA decision each member has to buy a min. of 100 copies.


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