History 2000–2009


December 2009

15 December 2009

Greg Keh resigns as the Chairman of the Board of Management with immediate effect. Achim Lotzwick, the elected Vice-Chairman, accepts to become the acting Chairman of the Board of Management until the 2010 Paris General Assembly.

Neil Goatcher resigns as member of the Board of Management with immediate effect. The Legal Board (Phil Powell, Thomas Luechinger and Guido Fornelli) elected at the 2009 GA in London resigns with immediate effect. The former Legal Board, viz. Hans Brauchli, Thierry Demeure and Markus Sprecher) accepts to remain in charge until the 2010 GA elections.

3-4 December 2009

Legal matters. Greg Keh invites questions from attendees regarding the current legal issues facing the association. He outlines the BOM's thinking regarding an EGA in January 2010 to air all disputed issues and come to a solution. Further, he advises that the Plaintiff says he believes that what he is doing is in the best interests of IELA.

John Harrison proposes a new 'event' initiative, the IELA Organisers Forum which he envisages as educational in content.

Membership applications. Alan Hunter has identified that a clear strategy should be set down and asks for clear guidelines. The BOM decides that for the moment 'flexibility' rather than 'strict criteria' should be maintained.


November 2009

It was a real disappointment to have to cancel the re-schedule Las Vegas 2009 Winter Seminar which appeared to simply fall in the wrong year for the finances of many members.

The total number of members is 118 representing 46 countries.


25-27 September 2009

The 4th Seniors Club meeting met in Paris where wonderful, warm and sunny weather greeted the 20 participants coming from 8 different countries. This was a truly international gathering with many old friendships being renewed.


August 2009

The total number of members is 119 representing 46 countries.


June 2009

29 June 2009

Organizers. At the Congress, the group had asked for added promotional resources such as PowerPoint presentations and wanted to explore the possibilities of IELA group exhibiting at key shows.

Customs. Tijen Ozer advises of her intention to re-focus the work away from administrative matters to more creative activities.

A schedule is presented for the 2009 Winter Seminar to be held in Las Vegas from 30 Nov. - 4 Dec. 2009. The BOM agreed that the next Winter Seminar should revert to the traditional timing on January 2011.

Membership. The WG has agreed to an aggressive sales approach to quality prospects only in white spot countries and that a passive approach should be taken for non-white spots. The BOM was asked to consider probationary/provisional membership and agreed that a two year 'trial' membership category should be established.

25-28 June 2009

24th IELA CONGRESS in London, England Attendance : 101 members from 45 countries

Result elections and votes of the legal General Assembly.

Elections :
Greg Keh is elected Chairman of the Board of Management Al Zeer Farook and Erel Feyzan are elected into the Board of Management. They replace Phil Powell and Guido Fornelli. who resigned.

Guido Fornelli, Thomas Luechinger and Phil Powell are elected into the Legal Board. They replace Hans Brauchli, Thierry Demeure and Markus Sprecher who resigned.

Create a new legal structure for IELA :
Yes 77, No 26, Abstain 6, Void 2. Resolution 11 to create a new legal structure for IELA is therefore accepted.

Dissolution of the actual legal status (Co-operative in Switzerland) Yes 70 (63.06%), No 32, Abstain 7, Void 2. Per article 20, a majority of 75% of the votes tendered is required to dissolve IELA. Therefore, this Resolution is rejected.

The following awards are presented at the Gala Dinner:

  • Best On-Site Agent: R.E. Rogers, Kuala Lumpur
  • Best Export Agent: Schenker Deutschland, Hannover

Ravinder Sethi is decreed as Honorary Member of IELA.

25 June 2009

Organizers. John Harrison advised that he would promote and revisit 'The Mission is Recognition'. He suggested that while companies are IELA members for their own self interest, that same self interest can in itself, promote IELA.

Standards. The Standards Surveys 2008 saw record number. Two 'Quality' protocols forms have been developed. Sabine Schlosser aims to build a library of tools.


May 2009

The total number of members is 116 representing 45 countries.


February 2009

The total number of members is 113 representing 44 countries.

23 February 2009

Transfer from Swiss Co-operative to a UK entity.
Prior to the meeting, Declan Gane had circulated a three page transition document produced by Phil Powell who opened by asking the LB for its support for the transition. Markus Sprecher said that the LB will give an 'absolutely neutral statement' on the transition to the GA. Markus Sprecher agreed that the LB would present the case as 'best they can'. He advised that new Articles and By-Laws would need to be delivered to the IELA members by registered Mail prior to the GA. Once they are known, the LB will be in a position to decide as to whether he will support the BOM or not.

UFI. Achim Lotzwick suggested that IELA delivers more logistic input at UFI events and that UFI might have an input to the Winter Seminar.

Winter Seminar. BOM decided to proceed with investigations and fixed on Las Vegas in very early December 2009.


January 2009

15 January 2009

Membership - Promotion Period. Two companies in total responded and submitted their application in time were voted into membership and have now paid the reduced fee.

Membership. It was raised the issue of the Multi National Corporation (MNC) category and it was agreed that with the Secretariat, Robert Moore to explore and develop this category for review at next BOM meeting with a view to presenting it a the GA.

Transfer from Swiss Co-operative. Trevor Foley spoke briefly to introduce the Lawyers briefing documents previously emailed to the BOM & LB. BOM then discussed the timeline and logistics of the transition. The LB made the following proposal. 1.A consulting vote should be done in London only. If the result would be that more then 50% of the members present should agree to the move from Switzerland to London and there should be a good chance that another 25% could be convinced to bring up the result to the 75% required, the preparation could start.

2.The final vote should be taken in the year to follow 2010. In order to safe money this GA should be placed in Switzer- land.

Following 4 years of talks about the transfer, the BOM indicated its desire to press ahead for a decision at the GA in London in June 2009. The BOM then voted to pursue the proposal of transition from a Swiss Co-operative as per the Lawyers briefing documents and to present a formal proposal to commence the process in London.
Greg Keh asked if the LB would support the BOM's decision. Markus Sprecher would only advise that the LB would consider it. Phil Powell urged him to seek LB support of this crucial issue

Unfortunately, the planned Winter Seminar in Bangkok had to be cancelled. The change of government in Thailand in December meant that any anti-government demonstrations would have been by anti-Royalists/anti-Military. If these had escalated, then the situation might have seriously deteriorated. All things considered it was deemed prudent to postpone the event.

IELA's first regional Chapter is taking place in Singapore attracting nearly 40 attendees.


November 2008

The total number of members is 110 representing 46 countries.

Ops Club. Take a look at www.opsclub.com, join today and get your mates from around the world to get involved too. The Ops Club is designed for the hands-on guys who get down and dirty on- site shows at home and around the world. It's there so they, YOU, can keep in touch.

Tsunami. Ravinder Sethi has received a letter of thanks from the CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) for the continuing support that IELA has given to the Tsunami Rehabilitation Project. "This journey from crisis to restoring normalcy was only possible with your support to CII".


October 2008

7 October 2008

Standards.The BOM votes against widening the vote to non members. The committee to determine the benchmark and action to be taken against low performing companies.

Membership. Trevor Foley said he believed that the CHF 5'000.-Entrance Fee was a barrier to entry and suggested that is was reduced by 50%. GK suggested a membership drive during the last quarter 2008. The BOM voted in favour for this limited trial period. There will be a 50% reduction on the Entrance Fee for companies submitting applications before 31.12.08.

Legal Status/Transition. Malcolm Murray, a UK Lawyer, who had joined the BOM meeting, advised that the best structure in the UK would be a 'Company Limited by Guarantee'. BOM/LB asked him many questions ranging from the structure and Office Holders' responsibilities to tax and annual legal costs. He answered various issues raised including VAT.

Secretariat. The Chairman advised that the Secretariat contract with ESN (former AEO) expires at the end of May. Greg Keh asked about ESN's commitment. Trevor Foley advised that ESN was 'in it for the long term'. Greg Keh asked whether ESN would be interested in retaining the contract if the legal status remained the same. Trevor Foley said he would think seriously about it.

3-5 October 2008

The 3rd meeting of the Seniors Club takes place in Freiburg im Breisgau, the ancient and historical city in the Black Forest. Sixteen participants from six different countries including Masao Sato who had travelled from Japan to attend, are assembled.


July 2008

The total number of members is 106 representing 46 countries.


25-29 May 2008

23rd IELA CONGRESS in Melbourne, Australia. Attendance: 53 members from 28 countries.

The following awards are presented at the Gala Dinner:

  • Best on-Site Agent: Agility Fairs & Events, USA
  • Best Export Agent: Agility Fairs & Events, UK

The BOM decides to accept the concept of inviting non IELA members to congress (as guests of the BOM).

The Chairman advised that UFI will 'endorse' IELA and that this should remain a top level strategic objective.

Customs. Peter Fritz would like the completion of the customs survey to be made compulsory for all members. UFI is very excited about the IELA's Customs Manual. There is now a weblink from the UFI site to the IELA's customs pages.

Training. Achim Lotzwick confirmed that plans were proceeding well for the Bangkok Seminar (14-19 January 2009)

Legal structure. (Chairman's report delivered to the GA). It is becoming increasingly clear that our status as a Swiss Cooperative that has served us so well in the past is becoming untenable as we move forward. A decision has been made to move IELA to the status of a non profit association.

Membership. The membership committee will focus on our goal of 150 members, quality members and we will meet our goal by 2010.


April 2008

The total number of members is 103 representing 44 countries.


January 2008

A record-breaking number of 29 participants proved that the ILEA Winter Seminar is very prominent among IELA Member Companies. The addition of new elements created more networking opportunities and, at the same time, increased the quality of the educational programme.

20-21 January 2008

Kellen Termination. Unanimous agreement to endorse and ratify the processes and decisions undertaken which culminated in the notice of termination recently issued to Kellen. Preferred termination timeframe agreed as end February.

Future Secretariat. There are 3 options. BOM have met and discussed with AEO (Trevor Foley) in Zurich. Phil Powell explained to all about his personal relationship to AEO. All BOM members have positive feeling about AEO. BOM voted 6 in favour and 1 abstained to hire AEO as our new Association Management Firm.

The LB indicates that 7.6% Swiss VAT on Kellen invoices has to be declared and paid retroactively for 2006 and 2007. The LB will investigate if obtaining a VAT number will allow for us to reclaim VAT.

Legal status. Phil Powell initiated discussion on the Legal Transition and proposed that in view of the changing secretariat and the recent discovery of the Swiss VAT imposition on secretariat fees then a further discussion should ensue on the legal structure to be followed in Melbourne.


October 2007

27-28 October 2007

The Middle East chapter is discussed. The idea is to increase the involvement of local members.

New pop-up stand: the decision on this matter is postponed until a clear picture of the funds available is obtained.

The objective of the Organisers Committee in the medium term will be to generate more contact between IELA members and individual Organisers.

Standards: It is reminded that in Santiago, the GA had decided to appoint Hans Brauchli as a neutral third party to enforce the IELA quality standards and help those members whose survey results suggest do not perform to a sufficient level.

Brussels secretariat. In view of recent staff changes within the IELA secretariat, the Board prefers to suspend discussions on the 2008 pending internal performance review.

Legal status. The Chairman proposed to leave this matter on file and review it on an annual basis, reduce the reserves of the Association to minimise the tax implications. He reminded that the reason to look into this matter was due to past disputes between the Board of Management and Legal Board present. The Board decided to make a final decision on this matter in January 2008 in Zurich.

Membership resignations. Notice received from Agility in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Gauteng (South Africa), Bangkok, Selangor, Seoul and Taipei (Taiwan).

19-21 October 2007

The second Seniors Club meeting takes place in Southern France near Avignon. The blend of history, culture and excellent wining and dining, together with the rekindling of old IELA-friendships all made an important contribution to the success of this reunion.


24-28 June 2007

22nd IELA CONGRESS in Santiago, Chile Attendance: 57 members with 113 participants from 32 countries Phil Powell is elected as Chairman of the Board of Management. Neil Goatcher, Achim Lotzwick and Christoph Rauch are elected into the Board of Management. They replace Maria Lorenz, Margaret Churchill and Ravinder Sethi who resigned.

Jochen Witt, Chairman of UFI, is one of the guest speakers.

The following awards are presented at the Gala Dinner:

  • Best On-Site Agent: Allied Trans-Link Malaysia
  • Best Export Agent: Exhibition Freighting UK

Hans Brauchli is decreed as Honorary Lifetime President of IELA.

As decided by the BOM the PR activity will be handled by the Secretariat under the supervision of the Board of Management. The new BOM could appoint one key Board member to coordinate and advise on PR activity.

Membership. In order to secure more applications and quality candidates and achieve the target of 150 members in 2010, the Membership Committee is looking into the active involvement of the Secretariat.

Tsunami. An update on the progress is presented. A plaque will be created on the site to thank IELA for its contribution.

Legal status. All information have been collected and submitted together with the various scenarios. A letter indicated that the legal fees would be of CHF 30/40'000.--. This issue will be discussed at the next meeting.


May 2007

The total number of members is 112 representing 47 countries.


12-13 March 2007

Secretariat: P. Conrath to inform Kellen's Management of impression of IELA BOM+CP that there was not a sufficient responsiveness of the secretariat in the last three months.

Standards: The number of surveys received has doubled. Question: what to do with members who do not fill in the surveys ? Companies scoring below average are to be judged by a neutral body.

The suggestion to hold the Winter Seminar in the framework of the regional chapters was not well received. Should the BOM still decide to do so, the Training Committee will not handle it. The Chairman expressed his preference to keep the Seminar in Zurich since this formula has been successful so far.

Ops Club: It was questioned the lack of success of this activity. It appears that the main reasons are the lack of leadership, budget and direction. Operational staff should see the club as an opportunity and not as a burden.

Regionalization of IELA : Local members are encouraged to create regional chapters. UFI's regional chapters should be used as an example. It was stressed the importance of a voluntary commitment to IELA in general and the local chapters in particular.

The Board agreed to rename the individual merit award into the Hans Brauchli individual achievement award. The individual award will not be systematically attributed every year. It will be awarded by the Board of Management to acknowledge exceptional achievements.


January 2007

The total number of members is 111 representing 47 countries.


October 2006

22 -23 October 2006

The group discussed the opportunity of holding a separate networking event and agreed to send out a survey.

By-Laws to be changed to make it compulsory for members to complete the Standards Surveys. Affiliated members are allowed to survey other members and to be surveyed. BOM to discuss possible sanctions for not completing the survey.

Review the rights and obligations of the affiliated members. Current rights are the use of the IELA logo and reception of publications.

Tsunami: Ravinder Sethi reported that construction will start at the end of October and is expected to finish in February 2007.

Legal status: To investigate all aspects of this issue, including the possible change in Switzerland from a cooperative into a non- profit association. To have this issue finalized by the end of 2007 so that in case of need, the 2008 GA can take the final decision.

Jochen Witt, president of UFI, has nominated Ravinder Sethi on the Board of Directors for the next two years.

20-22 October 2006

The first meeting of the Seniors Club takes place in Montreux, Switzerland which was the location of the very first IELA meeting back in 1986. 20 participants enjoyed the ambiance, superb food and service created just the right atmosphere for all of them to reminisce and catch up with the latest news and gossip.


18-22 June 2006

An extraordinary General Assembly is held in Athens on 19 June 2006. By letter of 9 November 2005, the Legal Board had informed the entire membership explaining in details the reason for this Extraordinary General Assembly. On that occasion, the amended balance sheets for the year 2004 are accepted and both the Legal and the Board of Management are discharged unanimously.

21st IELA CONGRESS in Athens, Greece Attendance: 91 members from 45 countries Elections: Thierry Demeure is elected into the Board of Directors. Phil Powell is elected Incoming Chairperson of the Board of Management.

The reviewed articles and by-laws are presented to the floor and unanimously approved.

The networking event is quite successful.

The following awards are presented at the Gala Dinner:

  • Special Merit Award: Hans R. Brauchli
  • Best On-Site Agent: Trans-Link, Bangkok
  • Best Export Agent: OTIM, Milan

Ron Berry and Hans R. Brauchli both are nominated as Honorary Members. Thomas Luechinger and Sandro Rugel are presented with plaques in recognition of their work for IELA respectively as Treasurer and as member of the Legal Board. Thomas Luechinger, Treasurer since 1999, officially hands over the key to IELA to Guido Fornelli, the new Treasurer.

Legal status: The Board agreed on the need to determine the best way forward and the timeframe for any change of legal status and on the need to do so in a cost / benefit analysis of the situation.


Mai 2006

The total number of members is 108 representing 47 countries.


21 April 2006

P. Conrath reported on the first months of activity of the secretariat and indicated the availability of the secretariat to further assist committees in their activity.

Change of legal status. There are in total three options. First option: Remain as a cooperative but obtain to be treated by the Swiss Authorities as an association for tax. Second option: change the legal status of IELA to become an association. Third option: liquidate IELA as a Swiss Cooperative and create another entity in Belgium or elsewhere. Options two and three would require a 75% approval by membership during a General Assembly.

Partnering event. Discussion regarding the opening of such an event to non-IELA members. There was a majority in the Board in favour of organising such an event with only IELA members and invite some partners from other branches of the industry.


15-16 January 2006

Zurich BOM meeting: Welcome to Brussels team and gratitude for past excellent work of Ruth Meister

The IELA office located Chemin Taverney has been closed and the IELA's Executive Director is now operating from the IEL offices in Geneva.

The Winter Seminar was sold out and a success. The format previously used proved effective. The welcome cocktail and speed dating were particularly effective to break the ice in the beginning of the seminar. A substantial interest for the Ops. Club was raised.

The idea of a seminar for middle management was submitted.

IELA has received a proposal to become full member of UFI's Operation Committee.

Partnering event. The BOM agrees to organise an IELA-backed partnering event open to IELA members and non-members.


December 2005

The total number of members is 106 representing 47 countries.


15-16 October 2005

The Final Transition Team will explore in depth and in liaison with Kellen the option of changing the legal status of IELA, specifically on the financial implications resulting from any such change. This, however, is not a priority issue right now.

A new version of the IELA Payment Terms were duly discussed and approved.

Seniors Club: guidelines were discussed. A possible financial participation from IELA will be possible if duly justified and approved by the BOM. The venues for the annual meeting will be independent from the venues of the IELA congresses. The administration of the Club should not be part of the secretariat.


June 2005

25-26 June 2005

Executive Seminar: Following a survey amongst the members, not enough interest was shown and it is therefore decided to postpone if for the time being.

OPS Club: approx. 100 members. A contest paper will be prepared granting the winner a free registration for the 2006 Winter Seminar.

Seniors Club: Hans R. Brauchli will develop this subject further and will keep the Board informed.

Concept and Idea (Partnering Event): Steve Turner has dropped the idea. IELA will check if Kellen has a programme for such an activity.

Tsunami: So far, USD 24'300.-have been contributed by our members. The money will serve to create a Citizen Information Center for the affected people (as part of the Indian Tsunami Rehabilitation Project). Ravinder will draft a letter to the members informing them what will be done with the money sponsored. Mention in the IELA Report the names of the members who have donated.

24 June 2005

A meeting takes place at Kellen's offices. The first impression the members of the Board of Management have is good.


March 2005

Kellen Brussels is selected to be the new secretariat of IELA.


30 January / 3 February 2005

20th IELA CONGRESS in New Delhi, India

Attendance: 62 members from 32 countries. Ravinder Sethi is confirmed as the Chairman of the Board of Management. Margaret Churchill and Bob Moore are newly elected into the Board.

The following awards are presented at the Gala Dinner:

  • Special Merit Award: Ruth Meister
  • Best On-Site Agent: Trans-Link, Bangkok
  • Best Export Agent: Ishikawa-Gumi, Tokyo

Ron Berry was honoured for his merits as the previous IELA Chairman.

IELA EXPO : 15 exhibitors

A new election procedure of the Chairman of the Board of Management plus the Board members is accepted by the floor.

Ruud van Ingen, President of UFI, is one of the guest speakers.


January 2005

Number 50 IELA Report - Jubilee-Report !


30 October 2004

Regarding the future Secretariat, the Search Survey / Analysis showed that the most suitable solutions are: AEO - UK, Spedlogswiss - Basle and Kellen Group - Brussels. Three persons appointed by the BOM, viz. Ravinder Sethi, Maria Lorenz and Guido Fornelli will visit these 3 candidates before the end of the year and will then report to the BOM with their conclusions.

It has been confirmed that the transfer of the Secretariat should take place mid. 2005, Ruth being available latest until 31.12.2005.

Neil Goatcher suggested that IELA should have its own tracking system, though it would take a long time to build it up.

It was decided that we should fast track the project of an Executive Seminar. The Training Committee is requested to produce a list of topics we believe should be the subject of the seminar.


September 2004

The total number of members is 102 representing 46 countries.


31 August 2004

For personal reasons and with immediate effect, Ron Berry resigns as the IELA Chairman. The Vice-Chairman Ravinder Sethi becomes the acting Chairman until the next General Assembly.


13-17 June 2004

19th IELA CONGRESS in Istanbul, Turkey.

Attendance: 67 members with 130 participants from 38 countries. Ron Berry is re-elected as IELA Chairman for a second term. Greg Keh is elected into the Board and replaces Ron Koehler who resigned.

The following awards are presented at the Gala Dinner:

  • Special Merit Award: Greg Keh¨
  • Best On-Site Agent: Trans-Link, Bangkok
  • Best Export Agent: Otim, Mila

IELA EXPO: 1 exhibitor.

Youth Chapter: now becomes the 'Ops Club'. (for operational staff) The presentation is very well attended and people show a lot of interest. They will have their own logo. A website and database will be created.

Standards: will acquire the necessary software to do future surveys on line.

New election procedure for the IELA Chairman plus Board: As the present situation is not satisfactory, a new procedure will be worked out latest for our New Delhi Congress.

IELA REPORT: will go on with both a printed and an on-line version. Standards this year, approx. 70 % of the members have replied. Good result.

Organizers committee: they have now their own message board.

Future IELA secretariat: Greg Keh will take care that all candidates will have the same RFP. All proposals should be received by mid- September so that they can be discussed at the Board meeting at the end of October.


January 2004

IELA Winter Seminar in Zurich: another great success. Only happy faces. 26 participants from 18 member companies from 12 countries. The evening the students spent together with the Board members was very much appreciated. Next Winter Seminar scheduled for January 2006. Limitation 2 participants per member company.

Staff exchange: inform the membership of this opportunity.

Standards survey. Only approx. 40 % of the members have replied which is not satisfactory.

IELA secretariat: As Ruth will retire sometimes in 2005, the complete Board is invited to come up with suggestions as to the future of the secretariat. Would outsourcing be a solution ? Hans confirmed that, health permitting, he will continue in his function until further notice.

Honorary members: Founding members will automatically become Honorary members once they retire from active life.


August 2003

Youth Chapter. Christoph Rauch wishes to create a Database of the operational staff.

Customs information in our Website : 48 countries are now covered.


29 June-3 July 2003

18th IELA CONGRESS in Rome, Italy

Attendance: 77 members with 160 participants representing 38 countries. (new record attendance !) Three persons are resigning from the Board: Thierry Demeure, Pentti Flink and Sim Kian Kiat. Are newly elected into the Board: Guido Fornelli and Phil Powell. Maria Lorenz, Thomas Lüchinger and Ron Koehler are confirmed in their function. Thierry Demeure becomes a Honorary Member of IELA. Nominating Panel. To replace the resigning Steve Barry and Derek Jeffries the following persons are elected by the floor: Thierry Demeure and Sim Kian Kiat. Edgar von der Heydt being confirmed.

The following awards are presented at the Gala Dinner:

  • Special Merit Award: Thierry Demeure
  • Best On-Site Agent: Trans-Link, Singapore
  • Best Export Agent: Schenker, London

Youth Chapter: will be pursued by Christoph Rauch.

IELA Website: Customs is the most visited Committee.

PR: the portable stand is available to all members. Contents of the IELA REPORTS are also on our Web. Members should make more use of the possibility to have their ads in the IELA REPORT.

IELA EXPO: 5 exhibitors.

Neil Goatcher is taking over the Chairmanship of the Standards Committee. Condensed version of the Site Agents/Export Agents Standards are available.

Virtual ATA Carnet. The World ATA Carnet Council in Paris has finally decided not to invest money in this project.

The idea of an IELA Mediation Service is presented by Ron Berry.

IECM '04 Singapore. SACEOS thanks to Sim has offered to IELA a free booth.


Spring 2003

Greg Keh takes over the Chairmanship of the Membership Committee.


January 2003

The total number of members is 100 representing 43 countries.

For the third time, a Brainstorming Session of the Board is taking place.


October 2002

Training: the number of participants of the Winter Seminars will be limited to approx. 25. The possibility of creating Seminars for Senior Executives/Management is being studied.

IELA REPORT. Study the possibility to have also an electronic version.

Customs Committee: Guido Fornelli takes over the Chairmanship. The information on the Website needs urgently updating.

The former Recruiting Committee has a new name : 'Membership Committee'.


July 2002

UFI/XM Summer Seminar Geneva with IELA participation. For the first time, IELA's portable stand (pop up) is used. It really looks great.


12-16 May 2002

17th IELA CONGRESS in Las Vegas, USA Attendance: 64 members with 125 participants representing 35 countries. Board of Directors: to replace Klaus Rauch who passed away, Markus Sprecher is elected as a new member. Ron Berry is elected as the 9th Chairman of IELA. No elections take place for the Board of Management.

For the first time, an award, the 'Special Merit Award' is presented to a person having contributed on various levels for the development of IELA. It goes to late Klaus Rauch. The award is handed over to his son Christoph. The floor agrees to go ahead with Awards also in the future. (Best On-Site agent, best Export agent and 'Special Merit Award'.)

Two new attractive posters have been produced. Trans-Link Singapore is the first member having an ad in the IELA REPORT. Hopefully others will follow.

The Database has been completed and is now available.

Steve Barry takes over the Chairmanship of the Recruiting Committee. US drayage companies are not desired as IELA members.


April 2002

A 'Reciprocity Agreement' is signed between IELA and XM Associated Exhibition Organizers.

The total number of members is 99 representing 41 countries


January 2002

A Brainstorming session in New Delhi generates a lot of new ideas.

Winter Seminar in Zurich : Was a great success : 27 participants from 17 members located in 14 countries. Next Seminar to take place in January 2004.

Virtual ATA Carnet. Mr. Coïdan invites IELA to participate in the elaboration of this project.

IELA REPORT : New column 'Meet the People' taken care by Tracey Dunleavy.

Norbert Schmidt of CIDEX Delhi makes a presentation on IELA EXPO.

The IELA logo has been legally registered and is thus protected from misuse.


31 December 2001

The total number of members is 98 representing 42 countries.


September 2001

Staff exchange: So far 5 members have applied.

IELA Corner in the m+a Report. We should strive to have in each m+a Newsletter a brief information on IELA.


23 July 2001

The project of a Virtual ATA Carnet is presented to Mr. P. Coïdan, President of the World ATA Carnet Council who showed great interest. We now await his further news.



May 2001

12 May 2001

It is with deep sorrow that we were to learn the passing away, on his trip home from Beijing, of our dear friend Klaus Rauch. IELA will never forget the outstanding personality of Klaus Rauch who has been a founding member of IELA, its Chairman and a Board member until a week before when he became an Honorary Member of our organization.

6-10 May 2001

16th IELA CONGRESS in Beijing, China

Attendance: 64 members with 116 participants. The number of Board members is increased from 6 to 7. (excl. the Chairman) Klaus Rauch retires from the Board and becomes a Honorary Member of IELA. For the two openings, Maria Lorenz and Ravinder Sethi are elected by secret ballot.

IELA Anthem. The only entry came from Donata Dello Siesto (Guido's wife). Première at the Gala Dinner.

PR: It is reminded that members can make ads in the IELA REPORT.

The information contained in our Database is available to all members.

Dates for IELA Congresses : the best periods would be the last two weeks of June.


February 2001

For the first time, the Board meets for a full day 'Brainstorming' to plan IELA's future.

Phil Powell wants to set up a complete database of global organizers.

The structure of the present IELA Website will be redone. Andrea Lorenz will as from now on be in charge.

IELA will finally have its own pop up stand which can be used at various events (UFI, Trade Shows, etc).

Virtual ATA Carnet. This matter is now blocked at the IBCC, Paris.

Winter Seminar : Will now take place 10-13, 2000 at the Zurich Fair Ground.


31 December 2000

The IELA secretariat leaves the offices of Inter Transport Ltd and moves into their own new offices at Chemin Taverney 2 at Grand-Saconnex, Geneva. Hans R. Brauchli and Ruth Meister remain in charge.


September 2000

The average survey rating of our Edinburgh Congress was slightly lower than the Budapest one.

In future, our yearly general meetings will be called 'IELA CONGRESS' and no longer general assembly.

The Board agrees that IELA must be covered by a liability insurance for the risks they encounter as organizers of congresses.

SMART terms. There are hardly any users among our members.

IELA members worldwide have problems with the Courier Companies. Tracey Dunleavy will try to get in touch with them.

It is decided that future training courses will be organized directly by IELA. The first such course called Winter Seminar will take place in Switzerland in 2002. Ron Berry stated that IELA had no real strategy for the future. He will prepare suitable proposals.

Portable stand: This matter will now be pursued further.

Steve Barry suggests the creation of Awards for the best 'On site' and 'Export Agent'.


17-22 July 2000

17 IELA participants from 11 countries attended the first joint IELA/SACEOS Training course in Singapore. The best trainee came from Orient Marine Lines, New Delhi. He will be invited to our Beijing Congress.


25-29 June 2000

15th General Assembly in Edinburgh, Great Britain (Beyond his control, Hans R. Brauchli could not attend) Attendance: 70 members with 144 participants (new record) Thierry Demeure is elected as the 8th Chairman of IELA by show of hands. No elections into the Board are taking place this year. The Nominating Panel is confirmed in its function.

PR: New brochure. Maria Lorenz is congratulated for the remarkable result. The IELA Web site will be adopted to the new design.

Standards: Tracey Dunleavy takes over the Chairmanship from Len Troost. Ethics have been separated from the Standards committee and are now the Board's responsibility.

In IELA's Web site, it is the Customs corner which receives most of the hits. It is therefore important that the Customs manual is regularly updated.

Ron Berry presents the idea of a 'virtual ATA Carnet'.

Organizers: Phil Powell takes over the Chairmanship from Klaus Rauch.


January 2000

The total number of members is 87 represented in 41 countries.

IELA has its own booth at the INTEREXPO CHINA 2000 and participates actively at various workshops. The Board holds on this occasion its first meetings in China.

PR: The draft of the new brochure is presented and accepted. A new design is adopted for the IELA REPORT.

Organizers: With the change of UFI's articles, IELA can now apply for associated membership. The German IELA members are now part of the German IELA Chapter within AUMA. IFES Convention '99 in Milan was attended by Thierry Demeure.

Training: Ron Berry will inform the membership that IELA is considering to organize a Training course in Singapore together with SACEOS.

Guidelines for the selection of future GA venues are discussed and accepted.


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