IELA provides a forum for those people and companies engaged in the international transportation of exhibition material.

The objectives of IELA are:

  • To establish standards of performance for contractors involved in the physical movement of material to and from an exhibition site, as well as for contractors providing customs clearance, lifting, handling, trucking and storage services on-site.

  • To establish a general database which eventually will provide the membership with a schedule of international exhibitions categorized by both country and industry, the temporary and permanent import regulations, temporary and permanent customs regulations by country, as well as floor plans of the major exhibition venues around the world.

  • To provide formal liaison between those involved in the transportation of exhibits and associated industries such as show organisers, venues, exhibit designers, stand builders and other stakeholders.

  • To provide to its members a platform of a world-wide network of reliable contractors, able to provide the services required by their clients.

  • To establish an environment which fosters general discussion and the exchange of experiences.

  • To provide information on the industry for those who may have just entered it or may be considering entering it.

IELA represents the worldwide voice in customs transportation and freight handling issues for the exhibition industry.

The IELA Articles and By-laws lay down the rules and regulations of our association and can only be amended  by members' vote at the General Assembly meeting held during the annual IELA Congress. 

Download the latest copies, reviewd and amended by-Laws and Articles in Prague 2017

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