Prague, June 24th - 27th 2017
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2017 IELA Congress, Prague

Thank you!

Thank you for making the 32nd IELA Congress & 6th IELA Partnering Event the most successful platforms in the history of the exhibition freight forwarding industry!

32nd IELA Congress June 24th–27th 2017
6th IELA Partnering Event June 27th - 29th 2017


  • Carley Jones, Masterpiece Ltd, USA

    "We left the conference feeling motivated, empowered and extremely grateful for the opportunity and experience. IELA provides a platform or talented individuals to come together and collaborate on industry changes, as well as individual prospects in a way that is unlike any other conference I've attended. This industry is constantly changing, companies can quickly become irrelevant if we are not continuing to push the envelope and capitalizing on the changes. We are constantly trying to expand our knowledge base to stay at the top of our game. 

    The Masterpiece family is looking forward to the new possibilities over the course of the year and reconnecting with new and old partners as a host in 2018 San Francisco congress!"

  • Tania Khodayar, Transit Air Cargo Inc., USA

    "I enjoy being an IELA member because it is a community, a family. The organisation brings together a lot of professionals that have many ideas and years of knowledge and experience that they could share and benefit, what we do! IELA is a freat group of people to be associated with and I love what it stands for!

    I feel the changes that IELA is striving to make for the industry, will portray their members and the organisation as pinoeers of new innovations for the Events/Exhibition World. IELA can be a big influence in the logistic-events-industry and become a brand."

  • Kamran Emrani, TRCL- Raksh Co. Ltd, Iran

    "Firstly we would like to thank everone involved for arranging such a fantastic and professional event in Prague! The enthusiastic presence of the IELA membership was impressive at this marvellous event.

    It was a great pleasure to take part and we will surely participate in the next events."

  • Benjamin Chen, Liaoning Air Sea Worldwide Logistics Ltd, P.R. China

    "Before we joined IELA our customers were mostly from the local market, with the membership and mainly the Networking we learned a lot and build new relationships all over the world."

  • Felix Sadenwasser, Swiss Expo Logistics AG, Switzerland

    "For us it is important to be an IELA member, because we get promoted a lot.

    Furthermore the different Events (Operations Summit, Winter Seminar, Congress) are adapting perfectly to diversity of qualification in our team. There is something for everybody."

    And last but not least: it makes me happy to meet old friends and new partners every year."

  • Eve Novikova, Caspian Freight Services LLC, Azerbaijan

    "I believe with the meetings such as IELA Congress you get out as much as you put in. It works for me very well. It is a great place to meet all the agents we work together and go through any issues and an future business. It is always interesting to listen to the speakers and find out more about the latest industry news from our client's perspective."


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