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Who we are

About Blue Water

Blue Water Shipping was established in 1972 in Esbjerg, Denmark. Here you will find the companys head office close to the quayside with company founder, Kurt Skov, at the head of Management.


Blue Water Worldwide

Over the years, Blue Water has expanded to not only include own offices throughout Denmark, but also Blue Water offices in countries around the North Atlantic, in Western and Eastern Europe, in Central Asia and the Middle East, in the Far East and North and South America.


Blue Water Exhibition Department

Blue Water Shipping´s exhibition department has more than 30 years´ experience in trade shows and exhibition logistics. Skilled exhibition experts offer transport solutions and services to exhibitions worldwide including packing and unpacking of stand material, stand installation, empty crate storage, temporary staff hire etc.


Skills and Responsibility

Blue Waters staff is offered continious training and education within each business area. All Blue Water offices work pro-actively to ensure a positive working environment where the indvidual employee is challenged and feels comfortable.


Our client before all

Blue Water staff members focus on our clients needs and requirements. We supply added value to the clients shipments. With our marketing and not least examples from everyday life business, we aim to be your first choice as supplier of transport solutions.


Claus Baek

Blue Water Shipping A/S
Trafikhavnskaj 9
6700 Esbjerg, Denmark

+45 7 9134 015
+45 7 9134 677

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