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Who we are

DHL Trade Fairs & Events GmbH- 90 years of experience with fairs and exhibitions


With a present staff of more than 90 employees in Germany and over 200 worldwide, you can find us at all major exhibitions sites.

Within Germany we have dedicated offices in Frankfurt, Leipzig, Hannover, and Berlin, which offer excellent geographic coverage.

Air cargo Center,
Aufgang A / 3. OG
D-12529 Berlin

T: +49 (0)30609153031
Messegelände Cargo Center, 2. OG
Ludwig-Erhard-Amlage 1
D-60327 Frankfurt / Main

T: +49 (0)69976714112
Messe Allee 1

D-04356 Leipzig

T: +49 (0)3416787247
Ulmer Str. 2

D-30880 Laatzen

T: +49 (0)51147562920

Additionally DHL Trade Fairs & Events GmbH maintains its own exhibition-offices in 25 countries worldwide incl. Asia, North America, Europe, and Latin America. Across the globe we are official partner and onsite logistics provider at many venues and for different major events.

Besides onsite and international trade show logistics, DHL Trade Fairs & Events GmbH also offers all event-related services, including conception, transport, storage, and construction. We have proven our capabilities also in the field of concert, film or sport events.

Some of our references include for example 

  • Official nominations on fairgrounds in Frankfurt (Germany), Oslo (Norway), Istanbul (Turkey)
  • Official partnerships with leading industry companies for full show calendars and for German pavillions
  • Official partnerships with international event organisers like Formula 1 or MotoGP

Our services

  • National and international transport by every mode
  • Customs support and clearance
  • Consolidation and transport efficiency
  • Storage of fulls and empties in adequate conditions (climate, humidity, secured, standard)
  • (Re)packing and provision of empties
  • Consultancy and planning support
  • Personal delegates and dedicated contact points
  • IT based real-time solutions
  • Congress-bag kitting
  • For trade show, events, concerts, roadshows, sports events, tours, etc.


Denis Baloia

DHL Trade Fairs & Events GmbH
Welser Strasse 10d
51149 Cologne, Germany

+49 2203 36800 0
+49 2203 36800 10

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