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Founded in 1987, our company GRUPTRANS International Transportation and Trade Co. Inc. is offering its new experiences to your service in exhibition logistics and customs clearance, in the changing and developing world conditions.

Gruptrans became the first member in Turkey of IELA "The International Exhibition Logistics Associates" Foundation in 1993, and has kept its membership ever since. By means of such European, American and Far East international transportation organisations we represent, we transport between TURKEY and any country in the world by truck, air, sea and railway.

The fact that we are working with the biggest transportation companies in the world enables us to give a more flexible service and economical transportation organisation than other companies. Thanks to the large and active operation network of most reliable global-wide companies, we pick up your cargo from a factory, warehouse, fairground, etc in Europe, America, Far East or any part of the world, by getting customs clearance effected if you demand; we directly relay to the delivery demands or transport it to any corner of the world or to a fairground, exposition in a country from Turkey in the fastest and most economical way.

The fact that transportation business was done by our company in especially defense industry shows the trust put in GRUPTRANS. Being the sole official freight forwarder since 2005, Gruptrans has been giving transportation, customs clearance and handling services of IDEF International Defense Industry Fair

Gruptrans has been giving service to more than a thousand companies shipping exhibits to Fairs and Exhibitions every year, and giving service in more than fifty organisations being sole official freight forwarder annually.

Our company has been giving service being sole official freight forwarder in all domestic and international fair organisations arranged by Tüyap Tüm Fuarcilik and Yapim A.S. since 2000. Thanks to long-time experiences of our company in local Fairs, its ability to meet the demands and necessities of international exhibitors has reached top level.


Feyzan Erel

Gruptrans International Transport and Trade Co., Ltd.
Kirim Cad.36-1
06510 Emek-Ankara, Turkey

+90 312 215 4344
+90 312 215 5090

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