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Complete solutions, not just a transport


Moving things from A to B and that’s it? No way, in that case we’d be in the wrong business! In addition to all logistics workflows we process, our services also include the full-service scope around those processes. We provide transportation services for everything and anything – from shipping the tiniest exhibit to building the entire exhibition stand. We take care of all your formal paperwork and assign you an experienced contact person to assist you on site as your personal problem solver. Therefore, our global presence at all major trade fair sites, with the know-how as to how they function, is our key to success. With what result? The trade fair locations in Paris and Minsk have almost become our second home. Our complete solutions include:




  • Transporting goods worldwide, from your company’s site to the exhibition stand and back
  • Developing logistic concepts and preparing time plans or schedules on demand
  • Preparing quick and transparent proposals
  • Providing customs clearance services
  • Arranging for essential lifting technology on the exhibition site (forklift, crane, scissor lift platforms, genies)
  • Storing empties, fulls as well as fair goods between events
  • Providing personal consulting services on site by our PANEXPO expert team






Sublime events


Exceptional events draw on exceptional sites. And so they are…in every single way. Castles, mountains or historical town centres do not represent usual trade fair sites with suitable infrastructure. Narrow streets, tiny bridges, weight limitations, and official permits are just some of them we manage for our customers. Here, challenges have no limits. No matter whether we have to fly high or get wet to conquer them. The only obstacle in such cases is the customer’s imaginary power. Be aware, we master them all!




  • Product presentations
  • Press events
  • Roadshows
  • Exhibitions
  • Concerts







Logistics from a single source


Companies that are regularly in need of cross-border transportation services require a partner who’s familiar with countries and industries, is able to coordinate the entire logistic chain, and can provide the full-service range as a single source service supplier. In addition, such partners are expected to deliver the services in a long run, based on individual general agreements. Only then, it’s possible to meet the far-reaching requirements efficiently and with the guaranteed result – the “bull’s eye”. Our special experience with the Russian market since 1998 proves this. The following services are part of the logistics chain:




  • Collecting goods from all over Europe to single location
  • Providing commissioning services at our central depot
  • Forwarding goods to their final destination
  • Handling customs clearance






Our services

  • Competently and clear quotation
  • High quality services in combination with reasonable rates
  • Working out of professional logistic time schedules and concepts
  • conducting and organizing transportation all over the world
  • loading, unloading and distribution at the event location
  • providing lifting and special equipment (forklifts, cranes, scissor lifts, cherry
  • picker, pallet trucks)
  • production and translation of customs documents
  • customs clearance
  • storing and distributing empties and goods
  • providing 30 cbm container for wood waste / mixed waste
  • on-site supervision by own professional delegates


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