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Who we are

Suomen Messulogistiikka Oy is a forwarding company and our basic mission is to ensure that our customers goods are in the right place at the right time. In May 2004 the exhibition logistics business of John Nurminen Oy became an independent unit: Suomen Messulogistiikka Oy. We continue the long and successful tradition with our "feel the service" motto.

Staying up-to-date and meeting the changing needs of our customers is one of our driving forces. In 2002 John Nurminen reacted to the developments in the transportation and forwarding business by dividing the services of exhibition logistics into two basic concepts:

1. Export exhibition logistics
2. Domestic exhibition logistics ("Messulogistiikka")

We can proudly state that the exhibition logistics service model we have developed during the years is widely known and respected in our sector. International co-operation aiming to develop exhibition logistics is a key part of the operation of Suomen Messulogistiikka. We actively participate in developing the education offered by IELA to its members.

Please contact us and let us take care of the success of your exhibition - you will have time to concentrate on the essentials and enjoy a successful exhibition in piece and quiet with your own customers!


Erkki Koski

Suomen Messulogistiikka Oy
Sinimäentie 6
02630 Espoo, Finland

+358 10 309 6600

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