Double Ace at the 2018 IELA Winter Seminar


For the first time at the IELA Winter Seminar, we have had an exceptional result at this year’s final exam. We have TWO winners as Best Student!

Ms. Jessica Abaty, from E.S.I. Group, France, and Mr. Hafizzudin Noor Mohammad, from R.E. Rogers (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, achieved the same excellent results.

The Winter Seminar final exam is run at the end of the Winter Seminar training programme to evaluate the knowledge of the delegates. This follows 20 hours of exclusive training in a programme dedicated to addressing the complex issues and procedures of the exhibition logistics industry. We will be welcoming both winning students as our guests to the upcoming Venice Congress in June 2019.  We were interested to hear from them how they felt about their success and their experience at WS19. They kindly answered a few of our questions:   

IELA: How would you describe your experience at the Winter Seminar and what is the most valuable information you learned during the event?

Jessica: “My experience at the Winter Seminar was wonderful & rewarding, I will never forget it. I improved my knowledge in exhibition logistics & freight forwarding thanks to all the people I met.”

Hafizzudin: “It was a challenge for me as it was my first time in Europe and it was an excellent experience. There are similarities with what I have learned at WS19 and my routine at work but I learnt a lot of new things which can be implemented in our daily jobs such as facing problems in front of clients and finding solutions for a win-win situation.
Furthermore, it was very impressive and new for me to learn about data security. This will help us in the office to be more careful. Case studies were a good idea in order to brainstorm and share knowledge and ideas with each other. It really improved our knowledge in this industry as well as giving the perspective of the organiser and venue.
Last but not least, I will not forget "a day in the snow" as it was my first time to play, touch and feel the snow!“

IELA: How do you feel about being one of the two Best Students?

Jessica: “It is an honour for me to be one of the two Best Students, because I was far from thinking I could win!”

Hafizzudin: “It was a surprise to me. I did not expect to be one of the Best Students, as all the students who attended the Winter Seminar looked very young and smart! The excitement and nervousness which I brought over with me to Zurich were paid off however with this thrilling news.“

IELA: How do you think this might boost your career in Exhibition Logistics?

Jessica: “This might boost my career in Exhibition logistics because now I know every step of this industry. Above all I can now apply all I learnt in Zurich to my daily business in order to be even more skilful.”

Hafizzudin: “Personally, this will automatically boost my confidence with the experience gained and help me provide a better service to clients and exhibitors. In addition to this, it will help to sustain the quality of our industry in future. From the company perspective, this will help us to market our company to existing and new clients as a talented and knowledgeable partner. To sum it all up, it will help us to provide clients with services of world class standard which will reach new heights in customer satisfaction in future.”

Congratulations to our two best students!
We are looking forward to seeing you again in Venice.
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