#GED18 – Why do we love Exhibitions?


This is the perfect question to celebrate the Global Exhibition Day 2018!

71 IELA Member from 44 different countries have answered the question “Why do you love exhibitions?”

Because they are in our “GENES”!!

“Exhibitions handling is the most satisfying of jobs as it gives you the opportunity to work as a TEAM and the courage to face CHALLENGES thrown at you on a regular basis”

“For BCC Saudi Arabia, it is always Showtime, we are happy to serve you 365 days a year”

“Exhibition world is in constant movement right to the future!”

“Loving exhibitions for all the fantastic people we get to meet”

“Exhibitions can be a great place to polish up your skills, interact with new agents or clients, and give a good indication of where things are headed and you can get a chance to learn as much as possible.”

We Love being part of an international community.  We enjoy and respect our friends and their many cultures.  We are GLOBAL CITIZENS! :O)

“We love Exhibitions because they bring a new challenge every morning and unmatched satisfaction in accomplishing the challenge”

"Exhibition can teach people more about the products, which in turn promotes the sales of enterprise`s products, let the products go out of the country and go to the world. Exhibitions can enrich people's knowledge and can enhance people's cultural literacy. So I love exhibition."

“I love exhibitions as it is a make up of various trades coming together like a jigsaw puzzle to put together a great show.

From the Organiser’s and stand contractors to the freight forwarders, everyone puts in hard work from over a years preparation to the final touches to see it all happen.

It is the greatest Satisfaction and sense of achievement!!"

“One of my favorite aspects of working exhibitions is the energy that can be felt as new business is developed – whether it be from an innovative product or the introduction into a new market, the excitement is contagious.”

Orphee Beinoglou International Forwarders S.A. – Greece 

"Working in Exhibitions – Events, give us the opportunity to develop a mix of skills, see our hard work and effort come to fruition, when everything is set and ready, it can also be challenging and ever-changing!

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the exhibitions we’ve worked on, run successfully and exhibitors being pleased with our services. 

We can gain more experience in our work, by dealing with different customers for different types of exhibitions at different venues each time.

Furthermore, we get the chance to travel worldwide, visit places that we would never have the opportunity to do so in other case."

There is no greater pleasure for us than assisting you 24/7. #WeLoveLogistics #exhibitions #GED18

Is a way to show the world the best of others, we move business & connect each other, a challenge every day to prove yourself, learn and share!

“ Exhibition is a Challenge to perform and The challenge gives us an opportunity to make friends for life & friends make the world look so beautiful!“

„We love Fairs because we have to face new challenges on each customer & show and learn to work with different countries and cultures“. 

"We love exhibitions, as we get lot's of challenging jobs & the kind of satisfaction we get after accomplishing them is immense"

“It's the industry which has the most varied topics everyday...”

“Life is challenging & fun, Exhibition is challenging & fun; Exhibition is our life.”

We Love Exhibitions because it is our passion, there is no other industry which can be so diversified. Exhibition industry educates universal culture, keeps us updated on the latest technology, and gives opportunity to befriend people worldwide”.

“We love exhibitons, it keeps us awake, that’s to say.”

“It is an exciting world, always a challenge, it gives you a lot of adrenaline and good vibes! Each day is always different, you have to always anticipate and be positive, there is always a solution! And the most important is that you work inside a big family, the IELA members !!!!”

“Exhibitions are exciting and challenging, brings innovation and motivate every individual to constantly improve their skills.” 

“We love how we can build bridges, meet opportunities, make waves and move the world.”

“We all agreed that we love the energy that surrounds an exhibition, but most important we love that we get to meet so many special people at an exhibition.”

“Because exhibitions give opportunities to meet a whole world under one roof.”

“Unique, challenging and thrilling!”

Exhibitions are our life, you get a great sense of achievement when a project which was planned for many months and executed by many teams members all over the World, comes together just before the exhibition and all the clients have their freight on their stands in time. 


Our work is made around the world, different people take part in it and cargo travels across the sky and sea, but our goal is just one: TO HAVE A SUCCESSFUL EXHIBITION!"

“Actually we don’t love exhibitions, we love the people around them!”

“We like exhibitions because of the diversity in terms of the shows, the clients, the venues and the unpredictable nature of the business. You never know what will happen next!”

"Exhibitions provide many opportunities to connect with the local and global community, allowing you to meet like-minded individuals. We are constantly handling exhibitions in our head".

“We love exhibitions because it’s not just moving boxes and just fulfilling the clients wish ‘All in place when the lights turn on’”

“Because we're crazy!”

“Exhibition is Networking, Learning, Knowledge & creative engagements”

“We love exhibitions due to the challenges, big or small”

Agility Australia loves exhibitions because they are different from show to show. One minute it is large industrial machinery show to  a high end fashion event. They provide our teams a great knowledge base of event logistics and exposure to some amazing things!

"We Love exhibitions because we love challenges, and every exhibition is a new challenge" 

“To work with freight and logistics around an exhibition or an event, is like to lay a puzzle and get the satisfaction when you are done and you can see the whole picture in front of you. All the small pieces have to be considered to get the event completed and our clients satisfied and be part of their success. 

It is with joy and passion we work with Fairs & Events all over the World!” 

“We love exhibitions because we love events always and everywhere!”

"We love the extremely fast pace and ever changing demands of exhibitions. It's an industry that is growing every day and we love being an integral part of the community making that happen"

The storyline of our vision, love & passion for the exhibitions world is encoded in our name? Show time exhibitions stands for: 


Smarter solutions 

Holistic approach to problem solving

Owning our crafts

Wow factor customer experience


Team work 

Innovation in motion

Meaningful contribution

Enthusiasm and excitement

“This business is all about team work“

“We love exhibitions because it demands the best from you, so if you love it you´ll be greater.”

“Exhibitions allows you continuously to interact with many different kinds of persons according to the show I mean the people you meet at “Vape tour”  is different than the military people you meet at a LAAD Defense fair.”

“Because it is the most powerful way I know for people to meet face-to-face and share ideas and innovations, technology and trade that promotes both mutual good fortune and good will.”

“Because I can meet people all over the world.”

“We love exhibitions logistics because we can make worldwide friends and it brings us a sense of accomplishment“

“Exhibition is my energy!”

“It’s a worldwide family business, and we are proud to be part of it.”

“Because every single exhibition is a particular fairground where every actor has to get along all together with the same target: Success!”

“We love the people, the places, the challenges, the sense of achievement.” 

“We love exhibitions because each of them is a challenge!”

“We love sharing our passion and building community around exhibition events!”

"We love the exhibitions because we love the exhibitions!"

“At the end of the day, nothing beats the satisfaction of excellent service delivery to our clients at Exhibitions we handle. Ever willing to go the extra mile to please our customers. These are the faces of happy exhibition logistics practitioners.”

“We love #Exhibitions because it has no frontiers; exploration is never ending which brings out the best in us! Every single #event brings us to a new world and it connects us with diverse individuals from around the globe!”

"Exhibition logistics is made by hand, not mechanic .We are always working "Smile for All"

“Because it’s the best way to feel the pulse of the economy.”

Because it is fun, it is stressful, it is colourful and most importantly we are passionate about the industry!

“Because it is in our blood and in our heart!"

“We share the same passion and speak the same language in this field.”

“There are 7 reasons why we love exhibitions: 

1. Expect the unexpected 

2. Get face to face

3. Make your own opportunities

4. Build relationships

5. Promote yourself

6. Just promote yourself

7. Be proud to be part of it”

“I love the trade fairs because thanks to them I have a job :) but I really value the fairs because they give the opportunity to meet the other person face to face, which is always accompanied by real emotions and some kind of spontaneity. Every day we communicate with our business partners using e-mail. In fact, a real conversation makes it possible to achieve success and lead to the intended goal, it would not be possible without the meetings at the fair”

“We do love exhibitions because every new exhibition project is a unique challenge to take up!”

“We love exhibitions as they are challenging and its fun how we execute the events to deliver the satisfaction to the exhibitors.”

“Exhibitions gives us the chance to meet our clients face to face and offer the very best in logistical support, at a time when they need it most.”

"Our Business is people's Business — We focus on excellence to our clients, organizers, colleagues and partners."

"We love exhibitions because it creates avenue for meeting new people, helps to create new opportunities, to generate a great team spirit and helps build relationships that foster trade. Who said the world isn’t truly global?"

"Because we always have WOW experiences from exhibitions. It's wonderful to be a tiny part of the success of both the exhibitors and organizers."

"Because thanks to the exhibitions we have work and luck to be a member of the big family of exhibition forwarders."

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