IEIA Open Seminar – The Key Meeting for the Indian Exhibition Market


May 9th-11th 2018, HITEX, Hyderabad – IEIA, the India Exhibition Industry Association, kindly invited IELA, the International Exhibition Logistics Association, to participate in their Open Seminar 2018. With “Converge and Connect” as its theme, the annual flagship gathering was the platform for members, associates, and international delegates to come together; deliberate on current industry events; and build on their businesses, presence, and networks.

The event was a great success with the participation of all of the most important Exhibition- related Associations (UFI, IAEE, SISO, AUMA, UBRAFE, AEFI, AFECA, CENTRAX, and IELA), as well as all the Organisers (both independent and multinational) working in India.

The presence of IELA at the event was very positive in terms of visibility for the association, local members, and also members from other countries. Mariane Ewbank, IELA Chairwoman, and Guido Fornelli, Chairperson of the Industry Relations Working Group, gave every effort to promote IELA standards and its importance to the industry.

Mr. KV Nagendra Prasad, President of IEIA, expressed his appreciation for our participation and looked forward to a closer relationship between IELA and IEIA.

It is clear that today IELA and its members set an example for the industry in terms of logistics providers. The fact that Members offer global coverage and a service that always incorporates OH&S and Security Guidelines takes IELA to another level in the events chain.

IEIA’s initiative of bringing together associations from the events world enabled IELA to discuss actions that can strengthen the sector and, of course, the logistics business. At the Open Seminar, Mariane Ewbank and Guido Fornelli had the opportunity to engage in conversations with associations on future reciprocity.

Mariane Ewbank also explained ‘At the IEIA Open Seminar we met associations from other countries, associations with which we already have MOUs in place and others with which we intend to build constructive relationships aimed at benefitting our members’ businesses. During the event, we renewed our MOU with IEIA establishing mutual cooperation that benefits members from both associations’.

Mr Ravinder Sethi, Managing Director of R.E. Rogers India Pvt. Ltd., IELA Board of Management Member and Founding Member & Executive Committee Member of IEIA, also reported, ‘It was a great moment of pride to have a strong IELA presence at our Open Seminar. I am proud because I wear important hats (turbans!) in both these associations. IELA got visibility and positive exposure not only before the Indian audience, but also in front of the 34 other global associations present. Heads of UFI, IAEE, AEO, RUEF, etc. all commending the role of IELA was music to my ears’.

The different conference sessions clearly demonstrated that the size and importance of the Indian market makes this country one of the future world leaders.

Mariane Ewbank participated in the panel "Crossing the line - Business Challenges Across Boundaries” that discussed the global issues around value chain and transnational and multi-level challenges to organizing trade fairs in new territories. IELA’s message was very clear that our members have the proper tools to offer the necessary support for organizers to overcome the challenges.

During an interview with Exhibition Showcase, Mr. Aashish Kulkarni, General Manager of Orient Marine Lines, was asked how significant the association is from the Indian perspective and how the Indian companies benefit from IELA. He answered explaining that the association has brought a standard into exhibition logistics. All IELA members assure security and safety standards giving the same guaranteed level of service to all organisers and exhibitors.

If you want to see the entire interview by the Exhibition Showcase, click here.

Mr. Rajath Naik from Schenker India Pvt Ltd, commented, ‘We were glad to witness the participation of IELA at the IEIA Open Seminar 2018 where our industry colleagues got an opportunity to meet the IELA team & share their views on exhibitions. We look forward to having IELA participate in the future as well’. 

IELA is already looking forward to next year’s edition in New Delhi, India, in May 2019.

About IEIA:

The Indian Exhibition Industry Association represents the entire country and all segments related to the exhibition industry. It brings together all the exhibition organizers, managers, designers & stand contractors, freight forwarders, services & facilities providers, venue owners etc. so that there is a common platform available to the entire industry to consider ways and means for the sound and scientific development of various facets of the industry. IEIA aims to be the source of information pertaining to the exhibition industry, various exhibitions/trade shows organized in the country, exhibition industry news, and information on various agencies and private and public organizations operating in the exhibition industry in India.

About IELA:

The International Exhibition Logistics Association is the global industry network that provides top quality  performance and expertise on exhibition logistics. IELA is a worldwide trade association dedicated to enhancing the professionalism of the transportation logistics and freight handling segments of the exhibition & event industry. Currently IELA has 169 members and 31 affiliates in 55 countries.


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