IELA at MEETINGS AFRICA 2017, Johannesburg


From February 27th until March 1st 2017 IELA was invited to attend the Meetings Africa Event in Johannesburg as hosted buyer. How was the experience for our South African members having IELA at MEETINGS AFRICA 2017?


"Leon, Mike and I were pleased to have IELA’s presence when we met the various stakeholders at Meetings Africa.

Elizabeth was able to deliberate well and communicate IELA’s intentions in partnering with developing the local industry, in line with IELA standards.

Our experience of having her around added a lot of exposure for IELA and cemented our preference in the industry.

We look forward to follow up engagement and hope that an IELA Congress can come to South Africa soon."

Moses Maboi

KATLEGO Managing Director


"For us it was great having an IELA representative here as the people whom we met with saw that Larouxnelle Logistics is part of a larger international logistics association.  The presence of an IELA representative certainly opened doors for us here in South Africa with a number of local organisers and venues.

Having an IELA representative here certainly added al lot of credibility to Larouxnelle’s Logistics service offering here in South Africa."

Leon Roux & Mike Weeks



Leon Roux, Moses Maboi, Elizabeth Niehaus & Mike Weeks

IELA & UFI: Elizabeth Nieaus, Sonia Thomas & Jana Hofmann

Elizabeth Niehaus & Lorin Bowen, Event Organiser


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