IELA WINTER SEMINAR 2019: Education & Training of future logistics experts


Next year in January the IELA WINTER SEMINAR is once again offering an exciting opportunity for its members to learn about the industry, share experiences and to ignite synergy with fellow students. Again free of charge as part of your Member's benefits.

We are very pleased to inform you about the WINTER SEMINAR in Zurich taking place from January 16th to 20th 2019! In 2017 40 students from 24 countries participated and took advantage of the Seminar's opportunities:

  • An excellent networking opportunity
  • The possibility to carry out “benchmarking” with competitors and the industry as a whole
  • To receive a unique training on the subject of exhibition logistics
  • Insights of logistics professional’s day-to-day business
  • Learn how to use the IELA brand as competitive advantage for sales purposes and knowledge pool for personal development?
  • Take advantage of the professional environment to enhance your team-building qualities
  • The IELA Winter Seminar is suitable for new employees (forwarders, on-site personnel, sales & marketing), experienced employees from new IELA member companies and all employees who seek more knowledge for their daily business.

While the classroom environment is friendly and fun, the programme is intense: More than 20 hours of practical, specialised training and exchange of ideas and experiences planned for the students over a 3-day period.

When leaving the WINTER SEMINAR students will be more aware of the processes that are current and active in our industry. This includes not only the essentials and advanced techniques of our own trade but also a growing awareness for the demands of exhibitors and organisers. Students will have the unique opportunity to increase their level of professionalism and skills boosting their future careers.

Clearly, however, the winners are the employers who will benefit from the employee’s enhanced core competencies and a better understanding of the entire exhibition logistics value chain improving work performance and customer service.

Training is essential for member companies in their efforts to strengthen business focusing on improving customer service and creating efficient (service) logistic processes.

Don’t miss the opportunity!

Registration will open on September 3rd at 12:00 noon CEST.

SAVE THE DATE: January 16th-20th 2019!

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