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The working environment changed: number of young staff increases year by year, and sometimes there is a disconnect between the corporate world and the new generation that causes low employee engagement which negatively affects the bottom line.

The Generation Y, Gen Z or simply Digital Natives do not strive for status as in the past, but they seek a high degree of flexibility and self-realisation in the working world nowadays. Millennials are looking for a deeper sense of purpose in what they are doing at work. The purpose itself defines the potential of the employees, who will do everything within one’s power, if it matches their talent and personal expectations.


Especially in the exhibition logistics with its import, export and customs procedures, there are various positions by which you are in close contact with partners based in other countries or you might travel a lot and also have to master new challenges on a daily basis. 

Now that the “digitalization of logistics” is in full swing, it is imperative that logistics companies align their education and training structures to this development.

Logistics companies must send a very clear message here to win the war for talents: We are a promising industry in which you can grow. We support you, no matter where you come from and what you do. Not just today, but also in the future. Logistics is a diversified industry, which requires intercultural skills in spite of differences in language, religion, culture to work in an international environment, but especially because IELA’s member are more a family than just a network. 

Approaching the expectations of millennials in such an exciting, fast-moving industry with growth potentials and many job opportunities is not impossible. The decisive question is how non-digital natives and millennials can utilize their strengths to jointly move your business forward.

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