Lightening the Age of Transformation in Exhibition & Event Logistics: IELA Forum on Digitisation


‘Participate, Engage, Share & Win’ was this year’s mantra at IELA’s must-attend event for the Exhibition & Event Logistics Industry.

Under the banner, ‘Bridging the World – Driving Growth, Boosting Action’, 241 delegates representing 45 countries joined the IELA Congress 2018 in San Francisco. The second event open to all exhibition & event logistics professionals, the IELA PARTNERING EVENT, welcomed 355 experts from 51 countries. 2.839 pre-arranged meetings established again the platform as the premier networking event of the worldwide industry.


With a new concept and format, the IELA FORUM 2018 encouraged participants to #THINK, #BRAINStorm and #STREAM, using an interactive, solution-based approach to help them understand the challenges and benefits of digital technologies.

The objective of the Forum’s new programming was to promote a strong level of participation, introduce tools for digital transformation and help participants to gain better understanding how transformation can induce member’s benefits. This naturally provided momentum for five new task forces aimed at developing new software and technologies that will, hopefully, affect business and impact the whole industry. 

The main goal this year was to create an environment of economical energy, resource and inspiration for our members’ business, so that every single participant could go back home with at least ONE new idea for facing this era of constant change. Our Mission could be accomplished thanks to our content partners:

  • Sonia Thomas, UFI: #THINK 1 – DIGITIZATION in the Exhibition Industry 4.0.
  • Cathy Breden, IAEE/CEIR: #THINK 2 – DIVERSITY –Why Diversity is Essential for Workplace Success
  • Jeff Butler, #THINK 3 – DIGITAL NATIVES & Multigenerational Management
  • Patrick Schwerdtfeger, KEYNOTE – The ABCs of Disruptive Innovation: How to Change your Future

IELA’s 2017 Award Winners honoured for their outstanding performances 

We extend our congratulations to all 2017 BEST AGENT Winners! The IELA Awards highlight those companies and individuals that drive excellence and improve standards in the Industry. We thank all our members for their participation in the IELA STANDARDS OF PERFORMANCE SURVEY and for evaluating all the partners they have worked with over the past year. The winners were the top-rated companies from the Survey, a unique tool that gauges our members’ performance”, said Ms. Mariane Ewbank, IELA's Former Chairwoman.


  • 1st Place: JIM Project & Expo Logistics (M) Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia
  • 2nd Place: Eurotran Expo Service Co., Ltd., Taiwan
  • 3rd Place: Schenker Deutschland AG – Stuttgart, Germany


  • 1st Place: Airways Freight Corporation, United States
  • 2nd Place: BTG Suisse Ltd., Switzerland
  • 3rd Place: GBH Exhibition Forwarding Ltd., United Kingdom

Honorary Member:

Christoph Rauch from BTG Messe-Spedition GmbH was honoured for many years of dedication and commitment as an IELA Member and former Chairman and Treasurer. During a very emotional ceremony, Christoph Rauch dedicated the award to his father Klaus Rauch, IELA Founder and Honorary Member.

IELA Board of Management and New Chairman

IELA is proud to announce that Mr. Vicki Bedi, with PSBedi Group India, was elected as the new IELA Chairman and Mr. Guido Fornelli, with Expotrans SpA, Italy, was elected as Vice-Chairman & Treasurer, both for the 2018-2020 term.

Next IELA Events:

  •  IELA Connect: 15th-October 2018 – Shanghai, P.R. China
    IELA Connect is the new flagship to drive local awareness about IELA. It is an itinerary event to enforce relations with the local actors of the industry: IELA members, associations and organisers, and each year a new region will be hosting this event.

    This first edition will take place in Shanghai and it will include a press conference to present the new IELA Security Guidelines, an exclusive tool focused on security that has been develop in collaboration with Simon Garrett, the global risk expert for the exhibition industry. 

  •  IELA Winter Seminar: 16th – 20th January 2019 – Zurich, Switzerland
    IELA’s biennial member’s only education and networking event gives 40 young professionals and industry newcomers the opportunity to join an exclusive programme dedicated to the complex issues and procedures of our industry.

    With the expertise of our volunteer lecturers, their presentations, best practices, and case studies, our event offers high quality educational sessions focused on the day-to-day operations of exhibition freight forwarders and on-site agents.

    The future of all exhibition logistics companies depends on well-trained team members. International collaboration, mutual understanding, and specialized partners all over the world are crucial components of our network. This has been the focus of IELA'S WINTER SEMINAR since 1987!

  •  IELA 34th Congress & General Assembly: June 23rd-26th 2019 - Venice, Italy
    Each year, the IELA members gather for the IELA Congress, our association’s annual flagship event. It is a mix of socialising, sharing knowledge, networking, and strengthening business relationships among members.

    The event is divided into 4 parts: the General Assembly, the IELA Forum, the Working Group Meetings and the Networking Sessions.

    During the General Assembly, the membership takes a number of actions that impact the association’s future. The Board of Management, the Chair, and the Committee members are elected and many decisions for the association are made. 

  •  IELA 8th Partnering Event: June 26th-28th 2019 – Venice, Italy
    The Partnering Event, open to non-IELA Members, is the annual Networking Event. It is designed to enhance business opportunities and provide an introduction to the association. It is the only platform that places so many exhibition logistics experts in one place. Each delegate can book 21 meeting slots via our MyAgenda tool. 

  •  3rd IELA Operations Summit: February 2020 – Hong-Kong
    The Operations Summit is a new approach to networking and another way to deliver “on-the-job training“ to operational staff. It is a great opportunity to sharpen operational and international skills, learn from best practices, and improve professionalism.

    This biennial event is funded by IELA and is for members only.



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