Security and Collaboration for a safer and more secure exhibition industry


Strengthening relationships for a safe and secure exhibition industry at IELA Connect, Shanghai 15th October 2018.

The safety of exhibitors, visitors and event staff is the highest priorit of the exhibitions and events industry.

Since 2012, and as a reflection of new security challenges and concerns in the global logistics landscape, IELA has emphasized safety and security through multiple initiatives. These initiatives bring exhibition venues, show organisers and service providers together sharing best practices and establishing standards of Occupational Health & Safety as well as Security for the entire industry.

Developing Safety & Security Standards and spreading knowledge along education and training programmes, became indeed one of IELA’s passion. 

Today, in the ongoing efforts delivering better service, IELA is proud to present the new IELA SECURITY GUIDELINES written in collaboration with Simon Garrett, MD of X-Venture Global Risk Solutions, and a leading security expert in the exhibition industry. 

Proactively strengthening safety & security standards, the IELA SECURITY GUIDELINES are essential for:

  • Improving security awareness in the exhibition industry
  • Contributing to venue security & exhibition safety
  • Shouldering responsibility

IELA, as the industry representative of the global exhibition logistics, has launched a new event to strengthen the connection between stakeholders of the industry, collaborate on security issues and boost local awareness: IELA CONNECT.

IELA CONNECT is designed to build a bridge between IELA Members, organisers, venues, associations and press. The first edition will take place in Shanghai on October 15th, 2018 at 18:00 at the JW Marriott Hotel.

Safety & Security is also your priority? Join us and register now.

Let’s connect: Working together for a safer & more secure exhibition industry!

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