Thank you for having joined us: 28th IELA Congress & 2nd IELA Partnering Event 2013


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Overwhelming success at the 28th IELA Congress and 2nd Partnering Event 2013. Seven German Hosts welcomed the Exhibition Freight Forwarding Industry in Munich.

We want to thank you for having joined us in Munich! We hope you had a great time, meeting friends and developing new business.

The 2013 results:

157 delegates representing 41 countries joined the 28th IELA Congress in Munich.

(Have a look at the final Congress Delegate List)

307 delegates representing 51 countries joined the 2nd IELA Partnering Event in Munich.

(Have a look at the final Partnering Event Delegate List)

Over 3.270 meetings took place!

The strong attendance really did go to show the key role of knowledge and networking platform as the meeting point of the Industry worldwide.

28th IELA Congress:

Our keynote speakers gave input of customers orientated services and the challenges in the exhibition and event forwarding industry:

Mr. Thomas Khoo, “Global Overview on the ASEAN Trade Fair Industry – Where’s the beef”.

Mr. Waldemar Müller, “Service should make fun“.

Mr. Nicol Puchner, “Motor Shows Logistics by BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce”.

The breakout sessions in Munich enabled the development of tighter Working Groups, which build the core and spirit of our Association. The Working Group sessions focused on new training materials and courses, raising the awareness of the IELA Standards and developing the IELA presence in developing countries.

The general comments on the 2013 DAY OUT “The Bavarian Olympics”: “One of the best IELA Events EVER”, Daniel Bataller, Gondrand International, Zurich. “Have not had so much fun in many years!”, Ravinder Sethi, R.E. Rogers India.

The outcome: We love IELA. A strong brand, a strong Association delivering more tangible benefits to our members.

Four new Board members were elected. Ravinder Sethi from RE Rogers India, Ulrich Kasimir from DB Schenker Germany, Jim Kelty from Airways Freight Corporation USA and Mariane Ewbank from Fulstandig Shows and Events Brazil.

A group focussing on O H & S under the Chairmanship of Ravinder Sethi will work closely with other associations and organisers to ensure IELA members practice safe work methods on all sites they operate globally.

Robert Moore, Chairman of IELA commented that the Munich Congress was the most successful for many years. The addition of four new Board members meant that the America’s North and South has a presence as well as serious industry players in Ravinder Sethi and Ulrich Kasimir. In Mariane we welcome our first South American Board member. This will take IELA to higher standards and give us greater global reach. The Partnering Event was the largest ever gathering of Exhibition Forwarders Globally! Coupled with the IELA Congress the 3270 one to one meetings generated major opportunities for exhibition logistics organisations! The success in Munich and our plans for Amsterdam 2014 certainly will make the future of IELA very exciting! In October the IELA Board is meeting in Sydney for a two day brainstorming session to plan the important levers that will drive the Association for the next five years.

Have a look at the photo albums and let us know if you would like some of the shots in high resolution:

IELA Congress 2013

Host Dinner 2013

Gala Dinner 2013

Day Out 2013

Welcome Cocktail Partnering Event 2013

2nd IELA Partnering Event 2013

Partnering Event Night / 8 Seasons

We look forward to welcoming our members in 2014 during the 29th IELA Congress in Amsterdam from June 28th to July 1st 2014.

2nd IELA Partnering Event:

With 307 delegates representing 177 companies (84 members and 93 non-members) from 51 countries, the 2nd Partnering Event was the biggest event ever bringing together the exhibition freight forwarding industry world-wide.

The networking platform exceed even our own high expectations, with over 3.270 meetings taking place in Munich.

There had been two days full of developing business go to an end and we look forward to welcoming the industry again in Amsterdam next year from July 1st to 3rd 2014.


  • “Great event! That’s how to get to know people!”, Matthew Dell’Orto, GlobeX Logistics, USA
  • “Very useful event!”, Heikki Mattola, CHS Expo Freight, Finland
  • “I just want to congratule the team at IELA for putting together what has been the best logistics networking event that have attended. I think the one to one meeting format, reception and end of event party was excellent....Well done to you all“, Garcia Newell - Agility UK
  • “First of all I would like to thank you all who organized this it was wonderful. Though I was attending it for the first time I was wondering how it would be. But right from day one that I arrived in Munich it was so graceful and the warmth all the members had for each other was great. Everything was well arranged. The meetings were partly successful which should go through, and had an opportunity to meet agents personally who I have been in touch with for over a decade.” Brunato Rodrigues, Freightworks Dubai Express LLC, UAE

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to our 2013 Congress sponsors:

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to our 2013 Partnering Event sponsors:


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