Welcome to IELA 32th Congress & 6th Partnering Event


From June 24th to 27th 2017, 253 IELA members will celebrate in Prague the 32nd edition of IELA’s Congress under the banner of "On the Threshold of a New Age", and from June 27th to 29th, 400 delegates from the exhibition logistics industry will join the 6th edition of IELA’s Partnering Event.

IELA is all about PEOPLE and our Congress is THE face-to-face meeting platform for our industry. We are all in contact during the whole year via different channels, but there is nothing compared to the networking between members during the congress, to the Working Group discussion where members decide in which direction the association will go.

The best example: Since our last Congress in 2016, IELA has achieved several goals and put in practice many recommendations born in Dublin. We have increased our communication via Social Media, we have applied some modifications to the membership admission criterias, we have restructured the Working Groups, and strengthened our  relations with the Industry, working very closely with other associations as IAEE, UFI, AEFI and CEFA. Which outcomes are going to bring us to a New Age in Prague?

Our Prague Congress will give a new breath to our impulsion. Our main topic this year: How to overcome the challenge of the New Age  in the Service sector.

This year Forum will prepare ourselves for new challenges in our industry. We will start with a simple question: Even beyond providing great service to our clients, why do we really do the work we do? How to make sure we understand and listen to our customers and the evolution of their needs? 

We think that understanding the real human reason behind the contribution we all do, can dramatically shift our perspective and truly inspire others (clients, partners, team-members).

How can we inspire action and bring teams together to achieve remarkable results?

Let's find it out together! Are you ready for it? 


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