WS 2017 / CONNECT – LEARN – SUCCED | Post event Report | From January 11th to 15th, Zurich has hold the 8th edition of the IELA Winter Seminar.


IELA’s biennial event in Zurich, Switzerland, has given in 2017 the opportunity to 40 students representing 40 companies from 24 countries to join the exclusive programme dedicated to the complex issues and procedures of our industry.



The largest Winter Seminar promotion in the history of IELA has shown the necessity of exhibition logistics companies to provide specialized training to their employees.


As usual, the outstanding expertise of our volunteer lecturers and their presentations has offered high quality educational sessions focused on the day-to-day of the exhibition freight forwarders and on-site operation business.


The future of all companies depends on well-trained team members. International collaboration, mutual understanding and specialized partners all over the world are crucial components of our network. This is IELA'S WINTER SEMINAR focus since 1987!

Under the theme “Building the future”, the IELA Winter Seminar is based on three event pillars:




CONNECT. The connection is a crucial ingredient of the association’s success and all IELA’s events start with an informal welcome reception to make sure the network can begin smoothly. So it was not going to be different in this occasion.

The official networking did commence on the next morning with the 1-2-1 speed dating session by Jim Kelty, just after his warm welcome and the introduction to IELA by Mariane Ewbank, IELA's Chairwoman.


LEARN. The training team, composed by 12 IELA renowned and highly experienced professionals, delivered a combination of lectures and group workshops, on essential topics. IELA Standards & Security Issues in the actual context was presented by Mariane Ewbank,  Sales & Marketing by Vicki Bedi, Handling Exhibitions in North Africa – a Real Challenge by Rachid Bensaber, Domestic Agent’s Performance and the 10 Minutes that Change Everything by Emmanuel Pitchelu, Export Agent’s Performance by Jim Callaghan, Trade Fair Management Decisions & Processes by Dr. Rowena Arzt, Autopsy of a Professional Congress Organizer by Alain Chanavaz. And the last but not the least, the participative Customs workshops focusing on the India, the P.R. China and the USA were presented by Sudhir Dhavan, Lisa Xu and Brad Watson.


Another remarkable moment of the Winter Seminar was the on-site experience led by Daniel Bataller, our local IELA Member from Zurich. He organized an excursion to the Zurich Fairground, with insight at the logistical environment of a domestic agent. We would like to thank Daniel for all his unconditional help and support to coordinate this fantastic event.


SUCCEED: The success of the networking was obvious! We just had to see the group cohesion during this last seminar and the participants own testimonials in page VERLINKUNG ZU EVENTS/WS2017.


The success of the training is directly quantifiable seeing the high scores of IELA young promising minds during the final exam, that took place on Saturday 14th. The highest grade was obtained by Shannon Trotter of TWI Group Inc. Canada. She will be receiving the “Best Student Award” trophy during next IELA 32th Congress in Prague.


Next edition on January 2019! We will keep you informed before registration is opened!


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