Criteria for IELA Membership

As the leading association in the global exhibition transportation logistics sector, IELA is committed to ensure professionalism throughout all aspects of the industry and its membership reflects this ethos. We have been in existence for 30 years and now have 154 members in 53 countries. 
IELA membership is proven to enhance a company’s business opportunities. Here are a few of the benefits that, as a member of IELA, you would enjoy:

  • Access to a network of over 185 specialist companies worldwide
  • Contact with potential clients through IELA’s partnerships with event organizations such as UFI, IAEE, IAEM, AEO and others
  • Training and shared learning seminars that develop staff at all levels
  • Access to a global database of specialized customs procedures and regulations
  • The Ops Club and Seniors Club offering both formal and informal exchanges
  • A continued focus on increasing the professionalism of exhibition transportation

We are pleased then to offer you the IELA Membership Pack for your consideration including: 

1.            IELA – Benefits of Membership

2.            IELA Information package

3.            IELA Application Form & Sponsor Form

4.            IELA By-Laws & IELA Articles

and the IELA Joining Fees:

Entrance Fee CHF 5.000,-- Paid once
Membership Fee CHF 2.650,-- Paid annually
General Assembly CHF 550,-- Discounted on the first delegates attendance at the IELA GA
Total Amount in Swiss Francs CHF 8.200,--

Within the IELA Application Form you will find all supporting documents needed in order to apply. Please also note that you need at least a 24 month experience in the sector and the endorsement of three sponsors who are IELA members since no less than 24 months. Please find here with the link to our current Membership List in order to identify potential sponsors: IELA Members

In case you are interested in applying as member, we would be pleased to receive from you, preferably by email, following filled & signed application forms and documents:

  • Letter of creditworthiness from your bank
  • Three sponsorship forms
  • Copy of your Liability Insurance Policy
  • Copy of your company registration by the Chamber of Commerce (or local company registration authority)
  • Company brochure or and other documentation you think is important.

For further information please contact us: