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Who we are

CHS Expo Freight is a privately-owned Finnish, experienced and independent logistics professional providing tailor-made and flexible logistic services worldwide. We offer worldwide a full-service package of customs clearances, handling of goods, warehousing, as well as all transport by sea, air, road, and courier or with special requirements.

We guarantee first-class worldwide service through our dedicated global partner and agent network. As a financially solid AA classified company, CHS Expo Freight promptly attends to all costs and expenses. Our committed and experienced personnel are well known in the trade, where they have established CHS Expo Freight as a trusted partner.

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CHS Expo Freight

Heikki Mattola Matti Turkia
T: +358 20 7669 421 T: +358 20 7669 422

The team

Heikki Mattola Operations Director
Matti Turkia Traffic Manager
Heikki Halmetoja       Group CEO
Jenny Räty Accountant

CHS Expo Freight is part of CHS Group

CHS - everything is possible

Our services

  • Fair and exhibition logistics - for all kinds of attendees as well as conference organizers
  • Culture logistics - for cultural organizations, theatres, opera, ballet, orchestras, artists, circuses, etc.
  • Event logistics - for all kinds of sporting events, shows, pop music concerts, etc.
  • Art logistics - for museums, art galleries, and art objects
  • Deliveries for technical equipment - special transport equipment, warehousing, and personnel for hospitals´ MRI equipment as well as all kinds of safes


Heikki Mattola

CHS Expo Freight Oy
Airside Center
Rahtitie 3
01530 Vantaa, Finland

+358 20 7669 421
+358 20 7669 439

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