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Who we are

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Founded in 1984, Eurotran is a specialist exhibition logistics company, with a service network around the world. For more than 30 years, we have adhered to the guiding philosophy of “Convenience, Safety, and Professionalism,” providing the most immediate, secure and superior service. Through first-rate technology and high- quality service, we succeed in helping our customers display their products successfully at every international exhibition they take attend.

Professional exhibition logistics team

Eurotran’s team, which feels more like a family, promises a dynamic and active service to provide streamlined professional logistics. For specialized exhibitions for machinery, automobiles, displays, works of art, hazardous materials and any other type of general goods exhibition, we provide a rigorous, swift and precise service in terms of declaration, packaging, display, transportation, etc., and will even control the exhibition stand to help our customers expand their marketing and realize their dreams.

International market van guard

In today’s ever-changing competitive market, Eurotran, with its strong base in Taiwan, counts on its global partners to swiftly control all international activities. Our service network covers the world's five continents, providing innovative and customized logistical solutions to bring our customers to the forefront of the world market.

Eurotran has been appointed as the Official Forwarder of Taipei Trade Shows since 1998.

The Team

Our services

  • Transportation of exhibits for international trade shows
  • Transportation of facilities for stage performances and events
  • Packing & transportation of special goods
  • Packing & clearance for art work
  • On-site services
  • Customs brokerage


Albert Chang
Managing Director

Eurotran Expo Service Co., Ltd.
10F, No.455, Chong Yang Road,
Nangang District
11560 Taipei, Taiwan

+ 886 2 2785 6000
+886 2 2785 6701

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