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Who we are

Who we are -
Since 2003, WEL has been a logistics provider specialised in Fairs & Exhibitions & in Defence industry which guarantees a full range of services thanks to a well trained and experienced team of 12 people.
Our wish: to ensure our customers and agents a successful show
Our commitment: a door to door service in respect of your deadline
Our strength: an expert team with experience of exhibitions specific rules and on-site handling

Where we are -  
Our office and warehouse are located at 10 min from the Roissy-CDG international airport & 20 min of Paris City Centre.
We can operate in all major cities with a dedicated service from the exhibitors' warehouse up to the stand and reverse.

What can we offer -
We can manage & coordinate shipment of any kind of products for any type of events all over the world.
Give us your goods and we take care and assist you from the preparation of documentation through packing to the arrival at destination.


Our Team:

Patrick Rejaud President & CEO




Our services

  • Customer storage with preparation of orders and dispatch
  • Stand installation for key account
  • Models set up in private buildings or show rooms


Patrick Rejaud
Operations Manager

WEL World Exhibition Logistics
2 rue Copernic BP 550
77290 Compans, France

+33 1 64 27 21 17
+33 1 64 27 36 51

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